A brand-new month in WoW: Dragon Trip is a brand-new round of trading message incentives.
Once more, players can obtain special, time-limited products for supplier trees and get hold of a one-of-a-kind Harlequin set with tasks in the video game.
The building site trading post should be opened up once more.

After a stormy start, the new feature of Dragon Flight has to deal with new pests.
Any individual that sees the trading position in March will discover that the transmit compensates that you purchased in February have actually disappeared from the design template collection.
The frozen benefit that you intended to take over in the next month can not be discovered.

just mounts, transmit tool unseen

WOW: Commercial Bug-Transmog from February and frozen item (1) Resource:

Whether this serious bug affects all gamers, we can not confirm 100 % when typing these lines.
At least every person is affected in the content team.
Aware over you can see the paladin of colleague Philipp, that has actually transmogrified the mace from the trading placement (anger of the fire lord).
Because the thing was removed from the game, he is currently battling with an undetectable tool… The writer of these lines wanted to freeze the mace for this month, yet the tool does not appear throughout the trading position.
Already to the introduction of the trading blog post, the developers needed to manage lost or also much assigned supplier trees for practically a week.
A month later, severe errors take place once again.


Much, Blizzard’s DEVS have not yet commented on what happens to the shed February rewards and also the absence of icy products.
Are you likewise affected by this bug, or does the trading setting work completely for you?
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Sebastian Glazer