The second day of action begins in the Division of Honor with great coming meetings, on the one hand the snakes seek They turned interesting yesterday making it clear who take the key points on the maps to close the games.


I present my fangs

The first series places Atheris against Zylant Gaming taking a lucian in the lower lane in the hands of demy accompanied by the Nami of Epicreaper with a pair that achieved an early advantage with which the snakes would put The things in his favor in a good way, the confrontation turned from the current runners-up who ended the game in their favor.

In the second duel Adry was present with a Taliyah in the jungle with which he would put stones in the dragons with which they would obtain the soul of the hell in their hands, however, the horde would not fall with this due to that had the Zeri of Zeypher that took the best weapons to be able to turn in the fights leaving things couples and tieding the series phenomenal.

For the tiebreaker the meeting was very even since the first minutes where none of the teams wanted Rays to the rivals but things ended in a baron fight that the snakes proposed ending up coming out in their favor and with it ended the game along with the series.

Not in my guard

In the second series of the day Six Karma fight against Tomorrow eSports taking a tryndamere in the hands of Sky in the central part for the tomorrow team with which they achieved an important advantage but the green wave would not let things conclude like this, in a team fight Sky I would seek to sneak into the rival base to finish the match but Icytower and the tower would do their work to stop it and with a victorious fight 6K took the victory.

During the second game the green wave would put the accelerator in the game with great power from the beginning with a Mrlemon very proactive during the game with his lilia to take the advantage with his squad, the 6K team played a very game very Clean leaving the unnecessary fights on the side managed to close the match in their favor with a blunt victory.

A afternoon full of action leaving the snakes of Atheris with a lethal bite against the dragons to better position themselves in the table, we also saw the power of the green wave who made the team of tomorrow fall fall Confundent, now we have to see how the other teams of the Mexican League handle the situation.