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The 4 Best Counters To Allan Dugtrio And Wu

Dario comes from the golden days of Pokémon Red and Blue, but returns to the Pokémon Scarlet and Violets Pale region.
This Pokémon has now seen two options in Allan Dug trio and Trio, but the classic can become a splinter in your side, if you are not ready.
This can make you ask about what Dug trio is weak against and how to resist this in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

What is the weak Dario in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

Dug trio is pure ground Pokémon, that is, has traditional weaknesses of this type.
Without a double type, you can safely rely on the types of water, grass and ice.
Here are all the weaknesses of Dario in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.
Water-2 times weaker
Grass-2x weak
Ice-2x weak

How to turn Dario in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Dario is an earth-type Pokémon, so he has only three weaknesses.
He has a good attack and the best speed, which means that he can hit hard and quickly before you have a chance to hit him.


Fortunately, it is very weak, with a low indicator of health and protection.
This means that you can, as a rule, knock it out with one blow if you survive after his attack or go first.
And fast water or herbal type is recommended, since Dario can learn stone movements to withstand the ice-type Pokémon.
You can also use bulky water and Pokémon grass, since they usually can survive Dario’s blow and resist it.
Flying types such as Heimlich and Convince are also a good choice.

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Let Me only make history in Elden Ring: he achieves the death number 1,000 of Malenia

Let Me only Her hRing starred in one of the most shocking stories we have seen in the Souls community. Ring you know, if it is the user who decided to dedicate himself solely and exclusively to cooperate with other players who were not able to kill Malenia, Miquella’s sword, one of Elden Ring’s most difficult bosses . The nick of her says everything: he enters combat and ends with her alone, while the other user just looks. And now he hRing just achieved a real feat: He hRing achieved the number 1,000 of Malenia .

Let Me only wanted to immortalize the moment, so he hRing not only uploaded to YouTube his number 1,000 against Malenia, but the game began when he still had 20 fights to reach the spectacular figure. Next we leave you the complete video, in which you can see him in action and check the level he hRing reached, since he is able to end her in seconds. Ring a curiosity, if we take into account the releRinge date of Elden Ring, LMSH hRing defeated it An average of almost 14 times a day .

Elden Ring guide to get 100%

Let me solo her - 1000th Malenia Kill - ELDEN RING

The popular RPG of From Software is a real colossus; large, complex and full of secrets. That is why, we offer you our complete guide of the game, in which you will find all kinds of content that can help you progress or discover something you had not yet seen. Step by step history, strategies to defeat bosses, talismans, Ringhes and legendary weapons to obtain all achievements and trophies and even a Lore section dedicated to explaining the history of the game. You can consult it in this link.

Elden Ring is Available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

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