SNK Co., Ltd. (Head office: Suita City, Representative Director CEO: Matsubara Kenji) is a limited-time event “United Front the 41st” in the application “Metal Slug ATTACK” for iOS / Android (March 9). I informed that we have held.

# Popular Fight Extra OPS 41st “United Front The 41st” is held!

【Overview of Event】

event name

United Front The 41st

# # Holding period

March 9, 2022 (Wed) 14: 00-March 15 (Tuesday) 23:59

# # Event contents

· From three game modes, select and play your favorite mode.
· Aim for the stage clear in cooperation with friends!
· Clearing the stage won the event dedicated item “United COIN“.
· The “United COIN” collected is exchangeable with luxury rewards with the event dedicated shop “United SHOP”!
· Furthermore, all event participants will receive a reward according to the sum of “defeat points”!

# # Event fee

Maximum rare (SR) unit, “United COIN”, Medal, Medal crank keys such as crank keys will be presented!

Shootingray (SR unit)
Gold-painted PM military drone fighter. The figure that assaults while injecting flames from the aircraft is named as a codename “bird bird”.

Golden Salvia (PM) (R Unit)
The PM military “Salvia” who changed the armor. Special materials are used to compress the mass of the shell.

■ Event introduction page

A new unit comes out with an advantageous effect on the event!
New unit appears according to the event of the event! Get a unit that exerts an advantageous effect, and get a lot of event-only items “United COIN”!

Filia (SR unit)

A few ethnic girls “Filler” living in the ground world. She is always together her umbrella cladding is an important Tomodachi, and those stabbed by her tentacles are said to have lost her fight to too pain. She is a “ester” that fights together to protect her ethnicity, and seems to respect as her leader.

Deep sea ruler ELUSON (R unit)

“Elysion” temporarily cooperates to “Filia” to eliminate the intruders who ruin the rough. The curse of her body surrounding her is majestic, and she has been relieved as her ally.

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