All League of Legends players have ever met games that simply cannot be won. Especially in the qualifiers, there are times that too many factors dependent on the fate or the decisions prior to making the leap to the invoked crack allied against us. Different studies show, for example, that having lost a game and immediately giving the return button makes our successful expectations reduce around 1.5%. A small detail that adds to another good dozen points that can play against us.

The worst game that no League of Legends player could win

Knowing that all these details exist, we wanted to imagine what would be the worst game we could play in League of Legends. We define this infernal ranked as that in which we find the greatest possible number of situations that reduce our victory expectations. Something for what we take into account both aspects of the video game itself and psychological factors . Of course, no Trolls, the ten players who participate in this imaginary game are giving everything to win… Although there may be one who despair after five minutes of play.

Our team in this infernal game plays from the red side and its composition does not hide too many mysteries. We have simply taken the character with the worst performance in each position in the qualifying games and to Malachite (then we will see why). It is true that they are heroes that can even be brilliant in competitive. However, they require too much coordination between colleagues or are very demanding in terms of mechanics, so that no one of our team could take advantage of them. In addition and if that were not enough, none of our classmates would be precisely an expert in the character he has selected.

In any case, the most important thing is the human factor, since it will be the actions of our classmates who reduce our options to win up. In this fictitious game, all our allies are playing the hero that they have selected for the first time, which reduces their victory rate to an amount between 30 and 40%. If we add to this a few insults for the game chat, the expectations of success can be reduced around eight additional percentage points. To throw a little more firewood, we can make our jungle forgot to crush.

As for the rivals, its composition is somewhat more interesting. We have chosen Silas as a superior lane since his confrontation against Malachite is the most unfair of all League of Legends. Fewer mysteries are in La Jungle, where we have simply chosen the champion based on skill with a higher victory rate. The Mid-Lane is for Yahoo , but there is a condition: the player who is using it must have played at least 200 games with the character. The reason is that, as Riot Games has confirmed, this is the champion with which the results that players get after using it in so much time improve.

For the Bot Lane, we return to the argument of the rate of victories and in terms of the human factor, the situation is antagonistic. Our colleagues come from a large rack of victories and behave in a friendly way. A disparity that will make it very easy to win. At this point it is very likely that you ask yourself how easy it would really be, and that is just what we are going to review below…

What chance would we have to win?

Although it is impossible to reach an exact conclusion about the possibilities we would have to win this qualifying game, if we can collect all the factors that would play against us when facing it. The truth is that would be a deed if we could throw a couple of turrets and did not go down in history as the most unbalanced game in the thirteen years of League of Legends…

Side difference *: The team that plays from the blue side leaves with some probabilities of victory a 1.2% higher
Disgust Dachas *: Win three games in a row makes 3% more likely to get victorious in the fourth confrontation. The results must be achieved in a single game session.

Experience with the champions *: The players who constantly use the same champion earn 10% more games. On the contrary, using them for the first time makes winning around 15 or 20% more complicated.
Silas vs Malachite : On average, Silas wins 57% of the games played against Malachite.
Yahoo : On average, players who have played 200 games with this champion won 56% of their clashes.
jungle without crushing *: having a champion without crushing in the jungle reduces our victorious rate by 20%.
Insults in chat : According to a video of Riot Games, the chances of winning are reduced by 8% if three players maintain a bad attitude.
Champions difference : The average difference in the victory rate among the best and worst game champions is around 10%.