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Author: Charmaine

Notorious, Sly Raccoon: there is no brand-new growth video game, Sucker Punch denies reports

The message is clear and clear and if Sucker Punch has chosen to communicate on it, it is undoubtedly to stop these false passage noises which can generate adverse in instance of frustration. It is for that reason much better to reject as long as there is still time, specifically since the workshop must remain in complete manufacturing for the rest of Ghost of Tsushima, which is not yet formalized, but the workshop has multiplied the job uses linked to a Open Globe game in a fedodal Japan. There, for once, it’s far from being an info of an insider Twitter…

For numerous months, reports around a return of the Infamous and Sly Cooper licenses have actually increased. Experts, to whom the world press gave its confidence, recommended that indeed, new episodes of infamous and Sly Raccoon were in development. Much better still, individuals such as Accountngt (his Twitter account has been closed since) explained to us that outside studios in Sucker Punch had been mandated to take care of these brand-new episodes. If Sucker Punch has actually constantly been quiet versus these passage sounds, the American studio has actually determined to speak in order to securely reject these reports from somewhere else.

Since our games continue to grow and be more and extra complicated, they require all the interest of our studio. Because we are concentrated on our brand-new projects, we have no plan to review Infamous and Sly Cooper at the moment, and no other studio is entailed in the growth of these video games connected to these licenses either.

No Mans Sky: Are there a CrossSplay?

NO MAN’S SKY: CrossSplay has been fully possible since mid 2020

Fortunately, CrossSplay is becoming more and more standard. And the more world-famous hits participate, the more pressure lies on upcoming titles to support the feature as well. In this respect, the development of No Man’s Sky is particularly important. The decisive day for the multiplayer aspect of No Man’s Sky was June 11th 2020:

  • This day, CrossSplay was introduced (we reported then).

Multiplayer and Crossplay Explained - No Man's Sky 2021 Beginner Tips
* This affected all platforms, ie PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

  • The cross-platform game applies to both self-created multiplayer sessions as well as for the game with foreign players, which you encounter in Nexus, for example.
  • You see a symbol if a player is on the same platform as you are on the road or not. If it is a strange platform, but you do not see exactly what it is.

A cross-saving feature does not exist. This is because No Man’s Sky has to be purchased separately for each platform. For most players, the situation is still more than adequate, as important activities such as base construction are possible to platform-independent jointly.

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