Publisher Assemble Entertainment releases a first gameplay trailer for Sci-Fi Action Adventure Xel, developed by the Hamburger Studio Tinyroar, which describe XEL itself as “love letter to the classic Zelda titles”.

For the first time, the Gameplay Trailer reveals one of the most important game mechanics and Story elements of Xel: time travel.

In Xel, players explore a mysterious and vibrant world full of puzzles and mysterious dungeons with merciless struggles against exotic animals and robots.

Xel introduces action-adventure fans through an epic and heartwarming story of fantastic locations and amiable characters, accompanied by an emotional soundtrack of the composer Gidon Wolff.

Xel is about the protagonist Reid suffering from amnesia, which suffers shipwreck on a mysterious world without being able to remember her earlier life. Players accompany Reid on their way to get to the bottom of the secret of this bizarre world.

XEL - Official Gameplay Trailer

Explore a picturesque and vibrant Oberwelt with detailed environment and challenging dungeons in a classic top-down-3D action adventure format. During their adventure, Reid meets charming characters, struggling through robotic shears and take advantage of a whole series of items and gadgets. The development is funded by the BMVI.

Xel appears this summer for Steam, Gog and Nintendo Switch. Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PlayStation 4/5 also appear 2022 – but only after the PC and Nintendo Switch release.