Since the Pandemia began, it has not been a good sales point for some companies, and that is because the consoles were more complicated to distribute due to component scarcity.
That was just the case of PlayStation 5, something that fortunately is over, and now that the devices are available, they have presented good profits.
Sony has delivered record results in the winter vacations of 2022. During that period it earned almost $8.8 billion in its video game division.
Then, the sale of consoles is included, either new or past generation, physical and digital games, subscriptions to PS Plus and the occasional microtransaction in the titles.
The Sony video game segment obtained income of $8,797 billion, a new historical maximum from other seasons.


Total online games and services rose 23 % year after year, which represents an increase of 1600 million dollars compared to last year, we added new users who bought PS5 without having passed through PS4.
This is the summary of profits according to pages like Tweak town:

Income-$ 8,797 billion

Operational utility-$ 820 million

Profit margin-10.7%
Remember that the PS5 already has a broader availability.
Via: Tweak town
Editor’s note: It seems that with this Sony is taking up the reins, so it would not surprise to see other good results for when the year ends.
After all the next delivery of Spider-Man could sell many consoles.