The second phase of Genshin Impact 2.5 is less than a week away, and although we knew that Raiden Shogun and Kokomi would get a repetition on the character banners, it was a secret of whom they would be accompanied by the four-star front. However, Hoyoverse has revealed its identity today.

From the 8th of March, players can pick up Bennett, Xinyan and Kujou Sara with both banners. Everyone’s secret favorite star was last seen at Eulas Banner at the end of November, while Xinyan has not been seen since August. Kujou Saras so far only appearance on a featured banner came back to Raiden Shogun’s original run in September.

As it looks, Hoyoverse offers some solid parts to build teams, especially teams that turn around Raid, as well as Yae Miko from Phase One. Although Bennett is a universally outstanding character and will work in a number of Kokomi compositions, Kujou Sara, which appears on the banners, is great for those who want to operate an attack buffer, which also acts as an electric battery.

As far as the weapon banner is concerned, the players, in addition to Engulfing Lightning and Everlasting Moonglow – Respectfully Raiden and Kokomis Signature Weapons – Akuoumaru (Claymore), Mouun’s Moon (Bow), Lion’s Roar (Sword), Favonius Lance (rod weapon), and sacrificial fragments. Catalyst).

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Although it is exciting to have a new rotation of characters, we all agree that the true highlight of the second phase of Genshin Impact 2.5 will be the upcoming bartender event “of Drink A-Dreaming”. Cin Cin, travelers.