In Fortnite, Epic Games Battle Royale, NPCs are very relevant pieces and this has not changed with the arrival of season 1 of chapter 4 of the game.
However, with the multiple topographic changes that occurred in the transition between Battle Royale’s last two chapters, NPC locations have changed dramatically.
Whether you are a player focused on collecting as many challenges as possible through NPCs or simply to optimize your chances of winning games, it’s always interesting to know the spawns of each of the non-playable characters of the season.

Where to find NPCs of the new chapter?

As is usually the case with each new season, the MLL content creator published the first map listing all NPCs that can be found on the map.

Be careful with moving NPCs

To improve the NPC collection, Epic Games chose not to give a 100% spawn rate to all the characters above.
Cringing, for example, will also probably appear in eakwater Bay.
Therefore, do not panic if you cannot find each character in the first attempt.

What are the NPCs for?

Game lovers will enjoy discovering some privileged information talking to the NPCs.
More pragmatic players, however, will want certain items found exclusively in NPCs.
Remember that visiting an NPC in Fortnite is never a waste of time, as your first interview with each of them during a game gives you a random item.

That said, it is not recommended to open fire against neutral NPCs.
They will not hesitate to attack him in return, and you can no longer negotiate with them.
If they die, you can forget any positive interaction with them in the match.