American Indie Blooper COIN CREW GAMES has announced that the number of players in the adventure game Escape Academy has exceeded 1 million, and has soon released the video of the download content scheduled to be distributed.

The number of players exceeded 1 million in about 4 months!

ESCAPE ACADEMY is a school that aims to produce a master of escape game, and is a multiplayer for single and online/local two-player multiplayer. The design of 12 or more rooms, which has been elaborated on the escape game in the work, is said to be designated by the designer of the Real Escape Game.

This time, the number of players in this work exceeded 1 million in about four months from the release on July 14, 2022, with the words of gratitude to the player.

1st DLC video scheduled to be released on November 10 for the first time

In addition, the video of the first download content Escape from Anti-Escape Island , which is scheduled to be released on November 10, 2022, is also released. In this DLC, after finishing the first year of the school safely, the stage is set in Anti-Escape Island, which arrived at the crash of an airplane on board during the summer vacation. It is said that five escape stages can be enjoyed with the story.

In addition to purchasing a single item, this DLC is included in the deluxe edition of the main part, and can be played by purchasing a season pass that is on sale alone.

In the spring of 2023, ESCAPE ACADEMY, which is scheduled to be distributed in the spring of 2023, is being distributed for PC (Epic Games Store/Steam/Microsoft Store)/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/PS4/PS5. The Microsoft Store currently supports Game Pass.