Battlefield 2042 has many problems that can be solved with some updates. However, an important criticism is not to fix: the design of the cards. A player makes fun of Reddit and thousands of fans agree with him.

Battlefield 2042: cards are immature

Unit in Battlefield 2042 after the game starts on enemies, it may take a while – because the cards are damned great in conquest mode. As an infantryman you jog a good minute through the game world to finally meet his adversaries. In addition, the cards often offer the players hardly cover in the movement of A to B.

A funny Reddit post, which has now collected more than 14,000 likes, is funny about this problem by saying that he’s already the first screenshots of the coming DLC ​​cards Last:

In the pictures, however, only flat fields, green acreage and a boring steppe can be seen. Reddit’s user dismygyans draws attention to one of the great issues of Battlefield 2042: the cards do not offer enough variety, work empty and uncreative and will be glad for infantry players.

Battlefield 2042 offers various innovations compared to the predecessors. The most important of these we present you in the video:


Fans make your anger air – follow consequences soon?

While developers desperate troubles to meet the needs of the community, players make their anger in the official Subreddit air. There it hails harsh criticism .

Some Reddit users apparently do not hurt against bad insults, so that the Subreddits moderators are currently balancing whether they should close the discussion area for a certain time.

Whether it creates the developers to escape the hate spiral of the players remains to be seen. Currently, most fans from the shooter are anything but enthusiastic.