Fancy Games has distributed the horror adventure Escape The Backrooms early on Steam.

This is a horror adventure game based on the overseas net memory THE BACKROOMS. Set in a different space that seems to spread infinitely, find a dangerous escape method and aim to escape. The enemy is lurking in this different space, so if you feel danger, you should be quiet. The real graphic is used to enhance the immersive feeling of the murderous atmosphere of this Mome, and the UI is minimized.

Up to four players can form a team, but all the team members must find the exit to escape. There are various obstacles, such as voice chat only when you are nearby, or moving through other areas.

The early access period is about 3 to 6 months, and there are currently eight levels. In the product version, a dedicated server will be installed to add more levels and modes and make it an open world-type online game. The goal is to make games that will not get tired of playing with friends for hundreds of hours.

ESCAPE THE BACKROOMS is being distributed early access to PC (Steam). It can be purchased for 10%off 909 yen until August 19th. GAME*Spark has a commentary article for those who say What is Backrooms?