Although this is a good way of thinking of the treasure hunter, to look for your own goods, there is nothing shameful in getting something for free.
And in dragon quest treasures, players can receive gifts with the right codes.
These gifts will not contain treasures that you can add to your storage.
Nevertheless, they will often contain objects that can facilitate your journey, for example, wings of chimeras and bullets of friends.
Sometimes you can even be gifted monsters.
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To reassign the cards.
Buttons in dragon quest treasures?
In professional game guidelines.

All gift codes dragon quest treasures

Active Gift Codes dragon quest treasures (workers)

  • Get it using a unique code if you pre-ordered a physical copy of the game-X5 chimera wing, Better Buddy X15 bullets and Full heal X15 pill
  • Get it using a unique code if you pre-ordered the Deluxe publication.-Great Sabelozub X1, Rubin Golem X1, Ice Welch X1, Best Friends X25, Bomb of the Censer X25, HIKERS OF HIKERS, Best Friends X15 and X15 medical tablet and X15 medical tablet

Inactive gift codes dragon quest treasures (expired)

  • Currently, there are no Extensible gift codes dragon quest treasures.

How to use dragon quest treasures gift codes

To activate gift codes in the dragon quest treasures, follow the following actions:
1. Open the gang menu using a button with an arrow up.
2. Choose a gift code and enter your own.
You do not need Nintendo Switch Online Membership to apply for them;
Just a working Internet connection.
Gift codes can only be used once.

How can you get more gift codes in dragon quest treasures

Although Square Enix does not let codes often, Square Enix usually releases a couple whenever a large event related to the game or franchise, for example, opening a café or milestone in loading.
Follow the official Dragon Quest Twitter account for real-time updates.

Why are my gift codes dragon quest treasures do not work?

As already mentioned, the dragon quest treasures codes can usually be obtained only once.
You may also enter the code incorrectly.

Make sure there are no gaps and dashes.
If you have a physical copy of the game, sometimes it can also be the problem of the region.
Some codes are tied to the region and cannot be in demand if the cartridge region does not correspond to the region of the online store of their account.

Can I share my gift code dragon quest treasures with someone else?

Until the gift codes were in demand, anyone can use them.
This is true, even if it is someone who has already received the same set of gifts.
The code that they used for the first time should simply be different for the second time.

What are the treasures of Dragon Quest?

dragon quest treasures is a role-playing game developed by Square Enix.
This is the by-product of Dragon Quest XI and the prequel, telling about Eric and his sister Mia during the Vikings.
His the monsters, find hidden secrets and follow their dreams to become the best treasures hunters throughout the Dragon.
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