Wagon)-Dragon Pokémon type, first presented in Horn. It evolves in Sheldon at the 30th level, and then in powerful Sal amen at the 50th level. If you are a coach who wants to add Sal amen to his poster, here’s where to find a wagon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

How to catch a wagon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The earliest that you can meet the Wagon is a cave somewhere on these rocks next to Alford. These bugs will be about 16 to 20 levels. You do not need to enter the cave leading to Alternate (this is the one where there are Pokémon above 30 levels).


From the closed, move to the southwest until you see a bridge leading to the western province (region 1). From the gas stop, the Western province (zone 1) the Pokémon Pokémon Center North. Allow yourself to fall to the eastern section of the land and go back. Naturally, you must go through a cave full of Wagons and Castle. They are not rare Pokémon, about which Pokédex says that they are in these parts!

However, if you want to know the profile of the habitat of the bogon, here it is:

Wagons are born with the ability called a stone head. This prevents this type of dedication of any damage. But as soon as he evolves in Salience, Rock Head will change on Intimidate, which reduces the attack of opposing Pokémon when they are sent. Breaking, along with the magnificent type of Sal amen (dragon/flying), makes it the best choice for the Victory road. With the right character and set of movements, you can even take it in PVP and win a couple of battles.

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