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Baumgart is pleased and avoids a specific word

“There is a lot going to happen that it does not work with the league,” said Baumgart after the 1-0 in Leverkusen at Dazn and was pleased that the set target has reached so early. “We have March, it’s not even spring and we did the league with Cologne. That’s nice.”

A Thanksgiving Miracle - SNL

“We have seen a real fight from both teams. Both teams have accepted Derby. I’m looking forward to victory, but we know that it was tight. Leverkusen had his chances,” said Baumgart and distributed praise. So his players “situations often solved well”. There was also a special lobe for goalkeeper bodies who “held huge in several situations”.

A strong game also made Kingsley Schindler, who not only achieved his first Bundesliga Tor for Cologne in the BayArena, but also his first in the Bundesliga. That’s a horny feeling – and then in the game, three horny points, “the 28-year-old betrayed.

Europapokal as Cologne taboo

And how does it go on? First, the heavy home game against Borussia Dortmund stands. And the Effezh wants to land the next coup. “We still want to get as many points as possible and attack up,” says Salih Özcan and confidently turns out: “We can also beat good teams, which are very strong and come over a lot of pace.”

The fact that the EuropaPocalplaces are in sight, the Cologne know – the word Europapokal does not want to take any way in my mouth. “We want to remain humble, continue working and giving gas,” said Schindler, for example, while Baumgart supplemented that you want to win games. “It’s not about calling the goal,” said the 50-year-old and pointed out that in the Bundesliga other teams play stable. “We talk about Freiburg, about Union Berlin.”

Shootas Blood and Teef, Storming, Steam Next Fest

It’s time to join the most ruffle faction of any 40k Warhammer, the Orkz, while you join the green tide. It’s true Warhammer 40,000: Shootas Blood and Teef, next 2D Run and Gun Adventure of Rogueside Developer, arrives at Steam Next Fest. Next Fest sees a demo Shootas Blood and Teef come to the event where players will play the role of an ORK in the 40K universe. A press release on the demo and the game itself provides more details. In addition, a cinematographic trailer accompanies the press release.

Warhammer 40,000: Shootas Blood and Teef sees the player join the green tide. A band of ORKS seeking to devastate the world of prime luteus. The game is full of sprays of Dakka, blood jets, actions that will see the player with one of the four possible classes and lead an invasion of the city of the hive. Your ork aims to recover his piece of hair Squig and to revenge your war lord. Maybe you will become a Warboss yourself?

The coming demo on Steam Next Fest allows players to play as Flash Git: the first class available. In addition, players can play through a whole level of history. In addition, the demo will show some of the features of the game, including the combat and the mini-boss system.

A kinematic trailer gives players a glimpse of what they expect exactly in history. A horde d’orkz storms a hive city, shootas and choppas in hand.

Warhammer 40,000: Shootas, Blood & Teef Demo - Steam Next Fest

The demo arrives at the Steam Next Fest, which takes place from 21 to 28 February. Shootas Blood and Teef arrives on PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S Later in 2022. So what do you say Boyz? Waaaggh.

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