The Youtuber and Streamer Hayete Bahadori ended all 12 main parts of the Assassins Creed series without even collecting a single hit. We’ll tell you the iron rules that the streamer kept in his runs.

This player writes gaming story

“The Assassins Creed games are far too easy!”-You will probably hear such statements more often if you are interested in the successful series of Ubisoft. Nevertheless, very few gamers would probably trust a so-called no-hit run in the games, to get a complete passage without damage.

The YouTuber and streamer Hayete Bahadori can only smile tired. In countless hours he managed to play through all 12 main parts of Assassin’s Creed without a single enemy goal. ** Starting with the original from 2007 to the latest offshoot Assassin’s Creed Valhalla from 2020.

The RUN has taken place under these conditions

But that’s not all: the ambitious player has imposed a few tough rules even.

  1. He must not receive any damage. Otherwise, Bahadori restarts the entire game.
  2. All levels must be completed 100 percent (affects the parts from Brotherhood to Syndicate).
  3. The highest level of difficulty is always selected. If there is a selection.
  4. No glitches or other technical tricks may be used.

ASSASSIN'S CREED - WW2 Paris Gameplay (Climbing Eiffel Tower) 4K 60FPS

At the first point there are a few exceptions. In the row, it can happen that the character automatically suffers damage. For example during a sequence. These areas are ignored for the run.

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Incidentally, if, by the way, an idea of this crazy mammoth task wants to make you, Bahadori has uploaded all the runs on his YouTube channel. Full length of course.

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