Pokémon Legends: Arceus has introduced several new state conditions in the game, some of which bring positive effects on Pokémon and others that replace the classical state conditions that have been part of the franchise from the first games. The new Pokémon game includes a new battle system that mainly alters the functioning of traditional Pokémon battles. While the battle system in pokémon legends: Arceus still uses a shift-based system, now there is an emphasis on speed and power, which causes fights much faster. To accompany this new battle system, pokémon legends: Arceus also presents five new state conditions that affect the speed and strength of a Pokémon in battle.

The two new negative state conditions are the “FrostBite” and “Drowsy” status conditions, which replace the conditions asleep and frozen. A Pokémon with FrostBite is injured at the end of each of its turns, and the movements that use special attack statistics are also less powerful. Basically, FrostBite acts similarly to Burn, but affects special movements instead of physical attacks. The status of “drowsiness” acts in a manner similar to paralysis. Instead of totally inhibiting a Pokémon perform an action, it is less likely that a Pokémon act in his turn. We will notice that both FrostBite as Droziness interact with the new Snowy climate condition, as FrostBite is more likely to occur in snowy conditions and is even less likely that the Drowsy Pokémon use a movement.

The game also presents two positive state conditions: the “obscured” condition and the “prepared” condition. A darkened Pokémon has a greater chance of evading enemy attacks, while a prepared Pokémon will cause more damage with his movement. We must bear in mind that some pokémon movements still increase the offensive statistics of a Pokémon; However, a Pokémon that becomes Primed will remain primed even if it is hit with a movement that reduces its offensive statistics.

A Pokémon can also “fix” in a specific movement. If a Pokémon is fixed in a movement, using that movement will do more damage. However, the Pokémon will also receive more damage from the movements of your enemy. Certain movements automatically activate the “fixed” status condition, such as deployment or indignation. In previous games, a Pokémon would automatically use displacement and indignation for several shifts, but the fixed condition allows a player to use elements or other movements instead of being forced to a situation where you can only use a single movement for several shifts.

A Complete Battle System Guide - Pokemon Legends Arceus
These new state conditions are basically a need to recreate the effects of certain movements within the context of the new battle system. Because the movements hit much stronger in _pokémon legends: arceous, _ it does not make much sense that a Pokémon is totally incapacitated for several shifts, so the asleep and frozen conditions were eliminated.

We will see if these state conditions remain in future Pokémon games or if they are exclusive to pokémon legends: Arceus.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is available in Nintendo Switch.