People announced on the 21st that it has promoted Soon Myung-jin’s action studio director as a new CEO.


Soon Myung-jin, the new CEO of the new CEO, joined the People new employee in 2008, and was head of the Dungeon & Fighter (hereinafter referred to as Dun pa) Development Office in 2014, and head of the Action Studio Division in 2017. ‘Dun pa Man’, a representative of People, who led the development of ‘Dun pa’ IP games as well as ‘domestic and international live services.’

In particular, based on an in-depth understanding of IP and users, the company led the ‘Dun pa’ at the forefront through a stable live service, and showed excellent development leadership by achieving successful launch and performance of the new ‘Dun Fame Mobile’.

Soon Myung-jin, the new CEO of the new CEO, said, I am a great honor to be the representative director of People. We will strengthen our bold strategy and development capabilities that make use of the game’s original fun, making it a global development company.

The new CEO will be officially appointed through related procedures such as the board of directors in November.

Row Jungian, CEO of Nixon Korea, will oversee IP-oriented business development. Row Jungian, the CEO of People since February 2018, has strengthened its growth engine by actively supporting the stable live operation of Dungeon & Fighter and Cyphers during his tenure.