The games of the developer from Software has always been terrible or disgusting. However, Elden Ring lifts these feelings to a new level. An area in the Open World has met me with such horror that I still have not come across. Attention: This item contains spoilers!

Elden Ring: FromSoftware can also horror

Elden Ring actually starts harmless. In Limgrave, the first large area of ​​the Open World, stripes deer through green forests and the opponents are mostly soldiers who guard their camps. Sure, even here there is a huge beast, which wipe the floor with the stained, but that’s normal for a souls game **. Only a few hours later, but then I suddenly chew in a mushroom overcast ruin and hid me from a mutated giant crow as well as a mixture of dog and T-Rex.

Caelid is located directly in the west of Limgrave and spread a completely different mood. Many players will encounter them relatively early during their exploration. The first look from a cliff already promises nothing but mischief. The sky is blood red, the trees are inothed and on a branch already waits a huge crow on prey . The message is clear: You should not be here!

Elden Ring: Exploding Zombies and T-Rex Dogs

The moment in which her Caelid enters elden ring to the horror game. Each opponent was designed to trigger as much horrors as possible and provoke mistakes. In a ruin, zombies dig from the ground, which explode in your proximity, there are huge quarrels in the form of devil heads , the fire spins and already mentioned T-Rex dogs are a threat itself even on horseback. Even with the fans on Reddit, the area is notorious. In a post with over 44,000 upvotes, the idyllic limgraves is compared with the hell quale Caelids.

Elden Ring: What happened only in Caelid?

No other area in Elden Ring (or even in an Open World Game) has triggered such a pressing feeling, come away quickly here . It is a masterful world and opponent design, which makes it possible to work any combat and every memory spot. At the same time, interest awakens at the story of the game because I had to ask myself what can only happen here to transform the country.

Elden Ring: 10 Things The Game DOESN'T TELL YOU
After my first detour into the red hell, I first picked up the legs and wanted another area to explore. But that does not mean, that I forgot or forgive Caelid . Some time later I returned with improved weapons and new magic and suggested the mutants. This first moment, in which Elden Ring fully turned up, will still be remembered for me for a long time.