Many players are not tired of demanding new backgrounds for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s dashboard. The Reddit user Prasad1287 has created some designs on its own that are reminiscent of good old times.

For many fans of the Microsoft box, the Xbox 360 era was the entry into the ecosystem of the WXBOX. At that time everything was different, other controllers, less hard disk storage, no Xbox Game Pass or cloud gaming.

However, this does not mean that everything was worse. For example, many players miss the dashboard and the designs from back then. There were even dynamic topics in which every avatar of your friend list was shown in their own environment.

Even before the introduction of these themes, the dashboard of the Xbox 360 was shown in a kind of tab view as you know them from Windows. Prasad1287 has revived these so-called “Blades” and made it available as a.JPGS in a public Google Drive-simply for everyone who longs for earlier times.

Here’s an example:

The Blades were created in the following motifs:

How To Set Up Original Xbox Dashboard on Xbox Series X/S
* red
* Blue
* Dark Mode
* Green Circles
* Green wave
* Green
* gray
* orange
* purple

To use the background, you can use the EDGE browser on the Xbox and then select a picture and set up as a background for your Xbox. But you can also save all the pictures on a USB stick and set it to your Xbox. You can read how this works on the official page of Xbox Support.