When you attend the 7 consecutive days, you can get a selection of rewards as well as powerful UR Wagon.
There is additionally a launch event that can be utilized at no cost for 300 consecutive attracts.

Munging, the overview, took care of the industries of Towson Village and other areas while waiting for the Rescuer, as well as the gathered residential property amounted the entire country.
Munging plans to sponsor as well as sponsor the ambitions that can make a reason utilizing this monetary power.

ONEM revealed that the official launch routine of the collectable RPG ‘Girl Globe’ is March 10.

Long life of numerous Three Kingdoms globes have been applied as female characters, as well as live 2D production is a terrific feature that permits you to enjoy the expressions as well as directing of numerous characters.


If you join pre-booking from January 13th, you can get various items, and you can get Oriental restricted UR hero handout instantly.

For more details on pre-booking, you can inspect the official web page.

The woman world is a mobile gathering RPG behind-the-scenes of the 3 Kingdoms.
At the end of the East, a big disaster will certainly be available in the world, and also as individuals are suffering, the overview called Munging summons the lead character who has the power of Pinyon to avoid this complication.