NextBus from Nico is a horror survival created on the Roblox platform. He gives rise to a player in a terrible abandoned shopping center, where he should survive as long as possible, pursued by loud PNG images called Next bots. There are safe rooms in the shopping center to avoid monstrous memes, corridors and garages. It even has a secret back room, which can only be entered through a hidden elevator. This leadership will tell you how you can enter the utility rooms in NEXT BOS NIKE.

How to enter the utility rooms in Next bots Nike


To enter the utility rooms in Nico’s Next bots, you need to find elevator in one of the two parking lots in the shopping center. The elevator with which you need to interact in order to enter the utility rooms is in second gender parking lot. It is easy to distinguish by red arrow painted on top of it. Just go to him and interact with him to enter the utility rooms.

Another good way to easily find this elevator is to find a store on the second floor called macabre s . As soon as you stand right in front of this store, turn right. As soon as you enter the parking lot, turn right again, and you will find an elevator to enter the back room. In the back room you will find enemies, including characters such as AIDS, Patrick, Sponge, Roblox, Claude, Crabbe and botanist.

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