Bakery Jetta (Gambia, June 6, 1998) is a Gambian football player. He plays from end as well as the existing group is the Hamburg SV of the 2. Bundesliga of Germany.

In the meantime, it seemed that the accusation of the identity fraud against HSV-Profi Bakery Jetta was invited. However, the public prosecutor’s office Hamburg has come to a different result — and has officially charged an indictment before the youth judge of the district court Alton.

About two years ago, a report on the possibly false identity of Bakery Jetta had made the round for the first time. At that time, the Jattas picture wrote from clear devices for a criminal offense, which subsequently could not be detected safely.

Jetta later spoke of a witch hunt and thanked the responsible persons of the HSV for their support. In the previous year, the private living spaces of the accused were then searched and ensured smartphones as well as tablets.

As the picture first announced on Monday, the prosecutor’s office Hamburg has re-examined the case and on the basis of the findings charged against the attacker.

The professional from the Gambia will be accused passing against the residence law in four cases as well as in a further case indirect misconception.

According to the authority, the HSV actor is actually called Bakery Differ and have also given a wrong date of birth.

HSV: Jetta is probably called Differ and is 2.5 years older

In the summer of 2015, Jetta and Differ had arrived as a refugee without pasJatta and residence permit in Germany and apparently gave rise to as a minor.

Thus, he wanted to achieve that, according to the charges, a toleration was granted to him because of the alleged minority and of the deportation behavior, the prosecutor announced: In fact, the accused was previously under his real personnel Bakery Differ, born on 06.11.1995, various African clubs work as a football professional.

The statement concludes with the following words: The accusation in front of the youth judge is based on the fact that the accused was partly adult in questionable, partly adult, and the prosecutor sees the heavyweight with the allegations that would be judged to judge youth law.

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Which criminal consequences of HSV profit are now concretely threatening is unclear.