In the past, it has repeatedly occurred that special editions for triple-A games were provided with special download content that need to encourage players to buy.
As can be seen from the main item description in the Xbox Store, this will be no exception in a few weeks of remake for Local Evil 4
According to the product description, the remake’s luxurious edition is sent into the race at a cost of 79.99 euros and numerous digital additional such as additional clothing or skins are included.
In addition, there is a DLC called Schatzkarten extension on board, for which it says: Discover the surprise treasures!
With this card, extra treasures are positioned throughout the video game.
A few of these treasures can just be obtained with this method..

do retail purchasers go away empty-handed?

What is still unclear with the appreciation that can only be discovered with the treasure map growth is still uncertain, but the DLC is already causing a discussion.
The issue with the entire thing: Because the treasure map growth will not be offered individually according to the main item description, it appears that everyone who has the remake for Homeowner Evil 4 in the form of retail variation in the
want to set regional rack, could disappear empty-handed.

Up until now, the luxurious edition has just been confirmed in a digital version.
At least that’s the current state of affairs.
Because an official declaration on the part of Cap com is still pending on this topic, it remains to be seen whether the treasure card growth might not be provided at a later date in the kind of different DLC.
If there are official details on this subject, we will obviously get you approximately date with the existing state of affairs.
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The remake for Resident Evil 4 will be offered from March 24, 2023, for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S.
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Additional reports on Resident Evil 4 remake.