Elden Ring has several very complex battles with bosses, and a total of more than 80 bosses, players will definitely meet some of whom it is impossible to win. Star Square Radan is an optional boss in the game, but the rewards for his victory are worth it. It is also one of the most complex and unique bosses in Elden Ring, so players should not miss this battle in their passage.

EASIEST way to defeat Starscourge Radahn in Elden Ring
The battle of Starscourge Radahn consists of two phases. It will happen on a huge arena, and it is so great that this is one of the few battles with bosses that allow the torrent during the battle. The first phase will consist mainly from the distant attacks of Radan. At this stage, the players really need to focus only on getting through the huge open platform to Radan, as well as shy away from its shells. Right at the entrance, players will also be able to call the useful allies of NPC ** that will help them in this struggle. This is what players should not miss, as NPC can distract the player’s attention during the battle.

The second phase is a clear beginning, as as soon as Radan reaches a certain percentage of health, it will take off into the sky. Returning like a burning fireball and knock on the ground. This should be avoided at any cost, since one hit from his descent can turn into death for the player. At this stage, the Radan has several attacks around the area and long battle, which it will use, and players should also avoid them.

The best overall strategy to adhere to players is emphasize mobility . Many Radan attacks can very quickly hit the players. Using Torrent to avoid some of the most deadly blows, can save a lot of health in battle, especially at the beginning. Because Radan is very fast and powerful patience in this battle with the boss is even more important than in some others.

Where is the “Star Square Radan”?

Star Square Radan is in Calid , the region east of the starting zone of Limgrave. It can be found in castle on the southeast coast area. Players will need to enter the castle and start the battle with the boss before going to the arena.

What do you get for the victory over Starscourge Radahn?

By defeating Radan, players will access his great rune. They can also visit the maiden in the fortress of the round table to restore his memory and get a big sword of the stellar firm. Radana clothing will also be available to buy from the Virgin after he is defeated. The death of Radan will also open the entrance to the Nokron, the Eternal City. Here players can find very powerful prey and the ashes of the Spirit.

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