For a unique weekend in March, Lucia will be readily available to eliminate Pokémon Go. You can find it in first-class raids which occur from March 27 to 8:00 am at 10 pm, in your region, together with the primary
Mars Five Stars Raid, Thunderous, that makes its debut.
Not just do you have an opportunity for Lucia to be dazzling, but he will experience the special neuroblast capacity, which is a flying attack that has an increased chance of being a crucial blow.

Lucia weak points

Lucia is a Psychic and Flying Pokémon, that makes it weak to Dark, Electric, Ghost, Ice and Rock attacks.
You have a range of alternatives at your disposal to delete it, however it is still not a pusher.


When you fight it if you don’t have a trustworthy protective Pokémon offered, you can find yourself in problem.

Pokémon to counter Lucia

When you fight Lucia, you have the option between several choices, but some great choices include Traitor, Magazine and Heavily.
Traitor is a heavy striker.
It is a Dark and Rock Pokémon, capable of inflicting heavy damage versus Lucia while having a solid defense to keep it alive during the fight.
You desire him to understand how to bite and bite, slam and crunch, or slam and stone edge.
Any of them must do well versus Lucia, because they all inflict heavy damage and are Stab attacks for Traitor.

Magazine is a solid option to have in this Raid battle, in addition, it withstands the majority of Lucia’s attacks.
Magazine would be your first choice if you wanted a good assailant who would not feel the damage to Lucia too much.
You desire yours to know to stimulate and the wild load or the load beam and the wild load.
These are all exceptional attacks to dominate Lucia’s weakness with electrical attacks.
The last choice, Heavily, is another exceptional choice for your fight.
Although the variety of Heavily weak points usually make a dangerous option in a number of other battles, it is a higher assailant to use against Lucia.
In addition, Heavily has a wide array of movements at its disposal.
You can choose the avalanche and the groan, groan and unfair playing, ice cream and unfair playing, or the glazing of ice and the avalanche.
There are a handful of other alternatives that a Heavily can know, but these are some of the best, and they will all be successful well by combating this famous enemy.
Everyone is excellent choices, Lucia has numerous weaknesses that you can make use of, which implies that you can have a varied team to utilize versus it.
You may desire to utilize other Pokémon, such as Hydration, Zap dos, Mew two, Elective, Mamoswine, Ramparts, Golem, Gen gar, Glass on, Hyperion, Gigabit and numerous others.
The unique raids of Lucia happen on March 27 at 8 a.m. and continue till March 30 at 10 p.m. local time of Pokémon Go. Use this time wisely to try to take it to obtain one with the capability of
‘Use neuroblast.