Because of his alleged participation in a car accident, football club Hamburger SV, according to information from the Hamburger Barenblatt, punished one of his professionals.
Accordingly, the player is said to have received a high fine, but is not suspended.
He assured that it was not an illegal car race.
Because of the wet road, he had lost control of the car.
He left the scene of the accident because he was in shock.
His teammate, who was part of a car as a passenger and was nearby in a different car, was not prosecuted.
Legally, something may still come to the alleged accident driver.


When asked, the police had announced that investigations had been taken from the accident location for suspected a forbidden car racing and unauthorized removal from the scene of the accident.
The HSV also confirmed on Tuesday that a player was involved in a car accident on Monday evening, but did not give any names.
According to the police, witnesses reported that the driver of a BMW and a Mercedes, among other things, were said to have delivered alleged car races on Hafenstrasse in the St. Pauli-a district.
He is said to have lost control of his vehicle and drove to a bus stop.
After that he rose to the Mercedes and moved away from the scene of the accident with it.
The police checked the apartment address of the vehicle owner of the BMW, who had a slight injury on the hand.
So far, the investigators assume that he is the accident driver.

According to the announcement, the emergency services also met the two alleged occupants of the Mercedes.
Both vehicles were ensured for further investigations.