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Author: Jon Snow

Hertha coach Korkut does not need back cover

Trainer Tayfun Korkut has asked all Herthaners to the bitter 1: 6-bone against RB Leipzig for cohesion.

“If you are closely together, you can also get a little more. Then you do not fall so fast,” Kaskut said in a press of the press on Monday: “Now it’s about taker qualities.”

The current situation with acute descent assests, personnel setbacks and high expectations by the many investors millions is “more than just a challenge,” the coach admitted, “but I am good things that we quickly push the heads again now”.

Much hope give him the good appearance of his team against RB to the red map of defender Marc Oliver Kempf. “I do not want to have the result and I can not have little, that’s fact. But I will not have the performance not to be lowered, especially the first 62 minutes,” the 47-year-old emphasized.

The fact that managing director Fredi Bobic was strengthened his back after the seventh obligatory match in a row without victory, pleasure corkut. He stressed, however, “I do not need that from Fredi, but he knows that too.” At his work, the preliminary job warranty “Nothing” will change.

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