He is the most-banned jungle in the video game presently, according to U.GG, with a distressing 32.7 percent restriction rate (Zed and Aurelio Sol have higher ban rates, but they represent their primary function). His complete capability power construct is best to carry games in solo queue and his package of crowd controls makes his bank setups simple.

While she hasn’t been played as much as Aurelio Sol so far, her stats are actually a lot more outstanding than expected. She has a tremendous 56.49 percent win rate worldwide, considering all Los, which is the greatest out of all the champs in the video game (according to U.GG).

Considering she hasn’t been touched this patch, she will continue to exist, particularly at higher Los. While she has a 14.3 restriction rate throughout all ranks worldwide, this number increases substantially at master ELO and above (48.9 percent, according to U.GG), making her the most prohibited jungle of Patch 13.3.


Regardless of being one of the most-picked champs in expert play, and a top-tier solo queue choice, Mackie had the ability to evade Riots nerf list in Patch 13.3 and gamers are now benefiting from this.


In professional play, Tax is seen as a great scaling choice that can serve as a secondary bring for the group. In solo line, he is a top-tier bruiser to climb the ladder. Given that he didn’t receive any nerfs, he will continue to be strong in this spot.


Annie is the emphasis of the new spot. Riot was lastly able to bring her to the live servers, following the current cyberattack that saw the devs postpone the release.

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On top of that, Mackie is likewise being played as a support with great success. While his assistance choice rate is low (3.3 percent), his win rate is the second-highest (52.49 percent). Gamers are slowly realizing his capacity as a flex choice throughout the 2 roles, making him a lot more valuable champion. Mackie is a pick-or-ban champ in Patch 13.3.

Because he does not depend on attack speed like other standard marksmen, Join can hurry Gale force and Infinity Edge to get an excellent mid-game spike. Paired with his strong landing phase and long-range, in addition to the return of engage supports, he has little to no weaknesses in this spot. The stats are backing this up: 2nd most-picked ADC’s with a 52.66 percent win rate, according to U.GG.

Aurelio Sol


This enables her to scale faster and end up being a hazard in the mid-game. In the past, Samira had to build three items to come online and become to bring. Now, she only requires two.

Now that Zac got hit in this spot, she and Mackie are going to be the undeniable best AP jungles to play.

As a mid later, having a favorable win rate (52.02 percent) and the second-highest ban rate means the champion is strong. He’s definitely one of the finest champions in Spot 13.3, but there are high opportunities he gets nerfed quickly.


Best 10 League champions in Patch 13.3.

The main factor that makes Anita so strong is her AOE damage: she can solidarity bring mid and late-game battles with her ultimate and crowd control. As long as she can get securely through the landing phase, which she does the majority of the time thanks to her passive, she can scale to the point of ending up being an unstoppable force.



If you include the fact that the finest Samira partners are likewise strong in the meta, then it’s a given that she is one of the strongest League champions in the patch. Gamers are gradually realizing his capacity as a flex pick across the two roles, making him an even more valuable champion. Mackie is a pick-or-ban champ in Patch 13.3.

She’s nearly one of the few ADC’s to have a self-peeling capability with her supreme, making her harder to choose and penalize off guard. Ayahs numbers are not as high as Joins or Samira, but her play rate has actually been rising slowly (a 1.5 percent increase from the previous patch, according to U.GG) and her win rate is likewise progressively above 51 percent.

According to U.GG, he is nearing a 51 percent win rate with the fourth-highest pick rate. What makes him better than other top-tier supports, however, is his restriction rate: just 8.8 percent.

The question now will be whether the champ will get a hotfix in the list below days or if the balance team thinks the matches played are too little of a sample. No matter what they will do to her, Annie is set to be the strongest champion of Patch 13.3.

Ever considering that Riot Games changed the CRT items, Join made a return to the meta. He’s among those champions that enjoys having Infinity Edge and building it early while likewise getting the item passive makes him even stronger.

Ever given that Rod of Ages was presented at the end of season 12, champs that can synergize with the product have increased in appeal. Now that champs like Assassin were nerfed, Anita is the new choice rising to the top of the tier list of the best mid layers.

If other ADC’s keep getting regularly banned, then Ayah will likely witness a more increase in numbers in the following weeks.


Ayah is one of the most underrated choices of the brand-new spot due to the fact that very few people have caught up on her yet. The Favor Quick blade modification enables her to get a much faster mid-game spike which shifts to an excellent boost in her general damage output.

Speaking of marksmen dealing with Nautilus, we can’t forget about Samira. Much like Join, she was among the great winners of the ADC product changes given that she can now develop Immortal Shield bow and Infinity Edge to get the CRT bonus offer damage.

Tax got a mid-scope upgrade at the beginning of the season that made him even more powerful than he currently was. Now he can go for both AD and AP items, providing consistent or burst damage depending upon the opponent group structure.

What’s even better is that players are rarely prohibiting her: 5.4 percent so far (according to U.GG), suggesting she can be played in the bulk of the matches. Anita is not an easy champion to master, but she can be a fantastic choice to gain some LPs in this spot.

After years of being a weak champ in both professional play and solo queue, Elise has actually gone back to her throne as the Queen of the jungle.

His landing phase is strong as long as he can stack enough attack speed throughout extended trades thanks to his passive and the keystone rune Lethal Pace. He’s a terrific duelist that can beat almost any champion in one-vs-one circumstances at any point of the game.

If you add the fact that the finest Samira partners are likewise strong in the meta, then it’s a given that she is one of the strongest League champions in the spot. League gamers understand this and have begun prohibiting her. Her 41.0 percent ban rate with a 51.91 percent win rate, according to U.GG, are outstanding numbers.

Offered the high quantity of variance triggered by updates over the past few weeks, we have actually developed a list of the very best champs that are going to matter in the brand-new spot. Here are the 10 greatest League champs heading into Spot 13.3



Nautilus is the sort of champ that works much better with specific ADC’s considering that they can synergize their sets to make an explosive duo. As long as these marksmen are meta, he will be a continuous presence in the patch.

In a meta where early banking is essential to growing out of control the game, Elise is the ideal choice to do so. She can make successive banks to affect the map as soon as she strikes level three, and can one-shot people with a rotation of her spells. Being an AP champion, she can increase the magic damage output, making her group in general more difficult to detail against.

Not even two months have passed considering that the start of League of Legends season 13, and were already seeing 2 significant meta shifts. Following the preseason changes and the crucial fighter and ADC product updates, It’s now time for yet another shift with to engage assistance enthusiasts in combination with ranged support nerfs.

As a mid later, having a positive win rate (52.02 percent) and the second-highest restriction rate means the champion is strong. Considering that Aurelio Sol ought to be a tough champion to master, seeing people be successful with him on the very first days can be a distressing trend. He’s definitely one of the very best champs in Patch 13.3, but there are high chances he gets nerfed quickly.

Not just is she performing well as a mid later, but she likewise holds the second-highest win rate (55.11 percent, according to U.GG) as an assistance. Considered that she has only been out for a couple of days, these numbers are unusual in the recent period of League.

Aurelio Sols Comprehensive Gameplay Update is lastly on the live servers and its currently performing well above expectations. Players have been hyped about the upgrade and this is revealed in his play rate: he has the greatest number of matches played in his primary role (above 200,000, according to statistics website U.GG), but he likewise has ranked video games registered on the 4 remaining functions.

Nautilus has been off the radar for rather a while so Riot decided to provide him some enjoy too, including him to the rubbed engage assistance. While he didn’t get a huge pump in numbers, individuals have actually discovered the buffs and began playing him more, with great success.