In addition to the race of the ghouls, the cyborg is the only race in Box Fruits, which players can choose independently, and not by chance. Due to his huge power against other main races, many players seek to add a race of cyborgs to their character profile. To get a racing cyborg in Box Fruits, you need to go through puzzle cyborg which requires the players to get fist of darkness with the subsequent completion order a raid to get main brain .

how to get a fist of darkness

There are two ways to get Fist of Darkness in Box Fruits.

Victory over the sea beast *: The best way to get a fist of darkness is to get it as a reward after the murder of the sea beast, since the speed of the appearance of objects is quite high. You can find Sea Beast in open sea areas of the second and third seas in Box Fruits.
Opening of the chest *: You can find one fist of darkness inside a random chest after the start of the server every four hours. This is an unreliable method, and instead you should always target the sea beast.


How to start the raid of the Order in Box Fruits

After receiving the fist of darkness, the next step will be pressed the Order raid button in Secret Laboratory on the hot side of the Hot & Cold in the second sea. You will immediately meet the message Your is processed. Please provide to continue .

Now click the same button to get into the ordinary raid of the order. Won the mini-boss of the order or law in the arena of laboratory battles to get the main brain. You will not get Core Brain if you have not started a raid earlier using Fist of Darkness in the inventory. Est 5% Chance to get an object during each meeting with the Order, so this is a little difficult.

Having received Core Brain to your inventory, press the same ORDER button for the third time. A secret door with a pipe will open next to you. Interact with a glass tube and pay 2500 fragments change the current race to cyborg.

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