To choose a double class of this type it is rather simple because there are only 3 classes to familiar, the sporoder, sowing-la-death and stribclysmic. However alone the sporodel seems to propose many improvements of companions with the sow-la-death just behind.

Which Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Class Is Right For You?

The skills to prioritize are those that contain the word “familiar” or “companion”.

sporoder and sows death, the most obvious combo:

With the combination of familiar damage and increased damage based on the number of familiar to the field, the sporoder sows death seems to be the most viable combo for companions.

It nevertheless suffers from the slightly lower power of the sporoder fungus, less powerful than the Wyvre of the Frappilysmic.

Frappaclysmic and other, game comfort or optimized damage:

If you choose to include a scrapclysmic in your Companion Build, a choice remains to be d1. Either have more comfort thanks to the provocation capacity of the sporoder’s fungus, or choose the optimization of the damage brought by the sow-death.

Build “Spells” of the faire, 2 possible choices

In order to maximize the increases related to the spells it is almost impossible to miss the fault, remaining only the question of its duo. This answer is rather simple with only 2 real candidates, the sow-death and the tricidopath.

The skills to prioritize are all those with the word “spell”, the rest is to customize according to your needs.

Defeat and sowing, the most stable choice:

With excellent capabilities that can reduce the stimulus time of spells, the Sow-Death Alliance seems an obvious choice. Especially as you use two black magic spells offer devastating possibilities.

Dearoming and Trucidopath, a more versatile route:

Although less powerful at first surroundings, Trucidopath brings a balance that the sow-death has no. As a capacity to orient spells on the path of critical shots but also to enhance weapons and body to body it is a very commendable choice.

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