Royal Knight Loretta Boss Guide - Elden Ring Royal Knight Loretta Boss Fight
During your stay in Kariya’s estate in Elden Ring, you will encounter many powerful enemies, including the boss in the lunar lands. To go through the territory, you will have to face the royal knight Loretta. This battle with the boss can be difficult, so how to defeat the royal knight Loretta in Elden Ring?

The Royal Knight Loretta is fighting riding, and you can not call torrent during battle, so get ready for a mobile boss. In addition to the fact that Loretta is fighting riding a horse, it will also bombard you with magical attacks from the distance, so you have a choice: either cut the distance and pursue it, or avoid magical attacks and attack it with its own long-range attacks.

Where to find Loretta

The battle with the Boss of the Royal Knight Loretta can be found on the territory of the karya estate in the north-western part. Reaching the place of grace at the top level Kariya’s estate, climb the stairs to the right and defeat all enemies. On the top of the stairs, continue to go ahead through the arch, and there you will come across Loretta.

How to resist magic attacks Loretta

Loretta will very quickly use magic attacks during the battle. Immediately Loretta, most likely, will take advantage of the phalange of sparkling blades, which causes the seekers of magical swords. It is best to shy away from them, especially if you can drive up to the boss closely. Loretta also launches a squall of long-scale spells that are not so strong, but they are always difficult to avoid.

During the second phase of Loretta, the charged attack of a large onion, which should be avoided at any cost. Usually it uses this attack only when it goes away far enough, but try to keep closer, calculate the shot time and attack it after.

During the battle, the appeals of the Spirit are available, so you can pull Agro if its magic attacks do not give you enough time to get away from attacks. Her attacks in the near battle are not very different, so you can dodge and get closer to apply a huge damage.

Royal Knight Loretta Drops

After the victory over the Royal Knights Loretta, two rather powerful items will fall out of it. One of them Asian War Loretta , which makes you jump, cover your weapon magic Glintstone and cut down. Other Spell, Large Loretta for which 26 intelligence required, but this is a powerful attack used by Lorette in a battle with a boss.

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