The government decided to make innovative health care services, adding other industrial information such as financial and communication in digital health care. Large-scale empiries and remote health are also promoted.

The government announced a digital healthcare service industry fostering strategy at the “Three 19th Innovation Growth Promotion Conference” held in the Government Seoul Office on the 24th.

We decided to fuse other industrial information such as financial, communication, and migration data to provide innovative services to the people. We also develop group customized health care services with multiple people. When the private sector develops, it will quickly show off the market.

We promote large-scale demonstration business. Approximately 10,000 people support large-scale demonstration by service. The government has focused on product development, and it was reported that it only supported a small scale of the product test. It pointed out that there was a limit to demonstrating the possibility and cost effects to use as an industry.

Pierce the enterprise’s version. Connect on-line and offline and activate online exhibits and build an international authentication support center.

Supports data-based fusion-composite healthcare equipment development. Development of digital therapeutic devices as one of the third generation therapeutic technologies development methodology, test assessment technology, and maximize development efficiency by making development of test assessment technologies.

CT · X-ray · MRI, etc., an artificial intelligence (AI) based image analysis solution is equipped with an artificial intelligence (AI) based image analysis solution.

Developed an open mobile pathogen that can be opened in 1 hour, and implements a service that can be remotely cooperated in the mountain area by combining information and communication technology (ICT). Developed as a manufacturing and service fusion type and export is also promoted.

The government defines digital health care and define digital health care and comprehensive plans. We decided to provide a non-underwater medical treatment for medical and civil society. Non-medical acts are also clear, such as rapidly disclosing the results of the voting analysis. When the Industrial Digital Conversion Promotion Act is enforced in July, the information is established, protected, and distributed. The government has decided to advertise the regulations for utilizing health care information. When you meet the certain conditions, the Digital Healthcare device will review the way the digital health insurance is listed in health insurance without the evaluation of the technology.

The degree process for human resources is also expanded. IT and Healthcare Knowledge, and the Ph.D. The Industrial Normal Resources Department analyzes the Digital Healthcare field in the human resource development council (SC), which is operated by the Digital Healthcare.