Nuremberg’s coach Robert Klauss moved after the 1-0 in Dusseldorf twice: for Sörensen (muscular injury in the adductor area) and Köpke (Bank) began Suver and Shuranov.

Ingolstadt coach Rüdiger Rehm took over five personnel changes compared to the 0: 2 defeat against Darmstadt: Debutant Musliu, Heinloth, Bilbija, Schmidt and Eckert Ayensa started instead of Kotzke, Neuberger, Gebauer (all bank) and the captains Kutschke and Gaus ( Both fell off at short notice).

FCI challenges FCN three times successfully

“We have to ignite, we all know,” FCI coach had said Rüdiger Rehm before kick-off. And his team did exactly that: From the beginning, the guest from Ingolstadt stepped courageously in the 4-4-2 formation. Already after four minutes – favors by a mistake in the game construction of Nürnberger – Eckert Ayensa had the grand chance to 1-0, but failed to FCN Keeper Mathenia. The early terminals still had it in themselves: the Schanzer simply did not reappear and rewarded himself after a slatted goal by Schmidt (12th) too.

The man who broke the spell was a baking player pick. After the next mistake of Nuremberg, this had several opponents like slalom rods looked like and completed strongly in the angle (13th) – his first second division in the 41st game. But that’s not enough: the final light from Upper Bavaria increased thanks to Eckert Ayensas Tor Premiere in the 2nd league (17th). Only the well-established goalkeeper Mathenia (for example, in minute 19) initially prevented a third goal.

Nürnberger and Dovedan at the club in the viewpoint

Die PK mit Robert Klauß & Rüdiger Rehm im Re-Live | 1. FC Nürnberg - FC Ingolstadt 04 0:5

The FCN, at which Pechbird Nuremberg had to get out early (22.), remained harmless in front. Significantly, Valentini shot at one of the better opportunities Möller Daehli (29.). Stojanovic in the box of the guests had to engage in continuity only in the detention time against Dovedan (45. + 2). Better made it shortly before Ingolstadt, which once again countered a mistake of the attacker and increased by Bilbija to 3: 0 (41.). As a reminder: Before kick-off, the Schanzer with 15 hits the weakest offensive of the league.

Schmidt dusted – Nuremberg harmless

With restart, FCN coach brought Klauß Schäffler for the next misfortunes of Dovedan. Despite conversion from 4-3-3 to a 3-4-3 Mathenia had nevertheless again reached behind it again, because Schmidt dusted after a shot of Eckert Ayensa (49.). All four offensive players of the FCI had met.

In the episode, the Schanzer took the gas from the pedal, but continued to burn in the back. The battle spirit of the team liked coach Rehm. At the club, the ideas were still lacking – and when the home owners came through, they closed weakly like Duman (72nd).

Also Joker Sulejmani may still

In the final phase, little changed. The FCI defensive got against the club always a body part in between – but it did not stay with the 4-0 for the Schanzer, because Joker Sulejmani still hit the 5: 0 final score (80th). At the end, an extremely important life character was found in the relegation battle for Ingolstadt.

Nuremberg, which remains through the defeat in 7th place, but could continue downwards, guests coming week Saturday (13.30 clock) at Karlsruher SC. The still 18th from Ingolstadt receives the next day (also from 13.30 clock) the SV Sandhausen.