While finding markers it may seem that it’s just another experience in the style of hunting for garbage, in fact it offers a rather complex card with more than a few complex secrets that you need to find. With his newest Candiland Updating Find The Markers added 25 new markers to detect players, including the one we consider in this brief guide, a plasma marker.

Search Plasma Marker

After you appeared in Find The Markers, head to the Forest Card Zone and find the factory shown below.

Enter the factory and enter the assembly hall. Inside this room should be a brown box, shown below – jump inside this box to get into the basement of the factory.

Once in the basement, go ahead and tap the rocket in the corner of the room – it will take you to Mars. From here, come to the futuristic building that you see at a distance.

Under the staircase leading inside this building, hidden hatch. To activate this door and go to the next area, you need to enable the ability to lock the shift in the settings menu if you have not yet d1. To do this, press the ROBLOX button in the upper left corner, press Settings and then find Transmission Lock Lock Switch and make sure it is turned on per . You may also need to change the camera mode by follow .

Now that you activated SHIFT Lock, press Shift The key will combine the movement of your character with the camera movement, and this means that anywhere to move your camera, your Robloksian will follow it. Now you can squeeze your character through the space between the building stairs, falling into the hole at the bottom.

Before you can get to the plasma marker, you need to perform a small laser womb. The easiest way to do it is to hug any of the two walls and slide on it with your character side, carefully jumping through all the lasers on your way.

As soon as you go past lasers, you will find yourself face to face with a plasma marker.

How to get Plasma Marker - Find The Markers
To collect this marker, just come to him and touch it. After that, you must get a pop-up window below!

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