Are you aware of how much you’re spending on utilities like electricity, gas and water? Chances are, the answer is probably not much. But what if there was an easier way to track how much money you’re spending on these essential services? In this article, we’ll discuss how tracking your utility usage can help you become a smarter consumer.

The fear of high energy costs has to do with.
What can you do about it?
Introduce enjoyable measures and keep a summary.
Since the additional cost billing does not need to be a surprise.
It is advised that you have a look at the meter readings for electricity and gas.
For example, you can capture them in a little Excel table or a little more contemporary with an app.
EH+ is such an app that is offered for Android and iOS.
It can be utilized free of charge, however likewise offers a premium version for 59 cents (Android) or 99 cents (iOS) per month.
The premium variant provides more data and also supports electrical energy feeders for photovoltaic systems.
The designer always grants a free test period of three days.
You can presently extend them to 90 days with the Code Eswerkknapp.

This is presently only dealing with Android, for the iPhone app there ought to be an upgrade soon to redeem the code there.
Download at Chip: E HW+ app for Android
Download at Chip: EH+ app for iPhone