We see the return of frost dk today as they make it back right into the top 3, right behind the currently extremely secure 1-2 combination of Shadow and also Destruction. Subtlety raises past Marksmanship, however it’s Elemental that got some actual movement in, rising 2 into sixth. Feral finds itself just 1 area down after all the turmoil, with Mayhem 1 place up right behind it. Demonology liquidates the leading 10, 2 up from the previous week, as Fire attempts to enter to the top group right behind it.

General damage 95th percentile.

We’re back with our Vault-log-watch as all three difficulties have their own fairly various rankings, with lots of motion everywhere, however today’s attribute appears to be elemental‘s big push up!



95th percentile Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.

Arcane is the news of the week in Brave, as it goes up into 2nd, increasing 3 areas! Arms is having a poor one, switching places with the Mage specification and touchdown in 5th, as Marksmanship and Ailment order the places in-between.

Total Damage All Percentiles.

Arms’ negative week proceeds in Normal as well, but it’s not quite as negative as in Brave, as it just drops one down right into third here, still in a Seeker sandwich. Murder and also Subtlety do a switcheroo around Feral, as Improvement joins them with a 2 area dive of its own.

Heroic DPS.

All percentiles Brave information by Warcraft Logs.


All percentiles Normal information by Warcraft Logs.

The top 3 remains stable right here, however we do see Destruction drop a fair bit best afterwards, as Marksmanship poaches No. 4 and also Elemental has a giant week in the generalist bracket, making a significant 8 place jumps right into 5th! Frost DNS are back right here as well, obtaining 4 areas in 7th, while Fury goes down one down right into 8th and Balance moves one up right into 9th. Mayhem liquidates the top 10 as Feral finds itself simply outside, having shed a huge 5 areas from the previous week.

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All percentiles Mythic information by Warcraft Logs.

Regular DPS.

Feral finds itself simply 1 spot down after all the commotion, with Mayhem 1 area up right behind it. The leading 3 remains stable here, however we do see Destruction decline fairly a bit appropriate after that, as Marksmanship poaches No. 4 and Elemental has a giant week in the generalist bracket, making a significant 8 spot jumps into Fifth! Frost DNS are back here as well, acquiring 4 spots in 7th, while Fury goes down one down right into 8th as well as Equilibrium relocates one up into 9th. Havoc shuts out the leading 10 as Feral locates itself simply outside, having actually lost a big 5 places from the previous week.