Three-lived survival horror adventure “ Song of Horror ” corresponded to four languages: Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Traditional, Simplified) than update Ver.1.25.

Song of Horror | Full Game Playthrough - Episode 3
Developer Protocol Games and Publisher Raiser Games say, “I want you to play more people in the world by this update,” these It has been decided to comply with the interface and subtitles. “

This work is a game that explores the location that appears in a classical horror work, such as a suspicious bone part store, an aborted orphanage, and an abandoned mental hospital, while dealing with a super natural phenomenon called “it”. “It” is an advanced AI that produces fear that corresponds to the player’s behavior, and you can experience unpredictable fear. The character caught in “It” is also characterized by a system that does not live twice and the player restarts the search with other characters.

“Song of Horror” is distributed for PC (Steam / DMM Games) / PS4 / Xbox ONE.