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The 12 ideal unique animal crossing characters: New Horizons

_ ᵀʰᵃᵗ ᵗʰᵉʸ ˢᵖᵉᵃᵏ. _.

Well well. If it’s not Tom Nook. Love it or hate it, you must admit that this interest-free financing, the lasting financial obligation covering is typical, enabling it to win our top place in the leading 5. It is likewise the face ofTraversée d ‘Pets _’ SNeaux HorizonsSocial media of the era.

Inanimal Crossing: New Horizons _, there are a lot of discussions (or ought to we claim dispute) on the citizens who are the ideal as well as the worst characters. What concerning special characters?

4. My charm.

12. Timmy and Tommy.

Channing Chartier.

Following short article 10 best citizens of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

11. Saharah.

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_ ᵀʰᵃᵗ ᵗʰᵉʸ ˢᵖᵉᵃᵏ. _.

9. The cursor isLASuperstar oftraversée de AnimauxUniverse. He plays almost all kinds of music and desires to bring every person together with his tunes.

5. Tom Space.

The special characters are not villagers, however instead supply you with a type of mission, solution or event, such as managing a store or arranging a trip. (And if you ask yourself the concern, no, zipper will certainly not be near this list.).

Sissy Mae is among the new faces ofanimal Crossing: New Horizons _, analyzing turnips and management of the stems market to his grandma. It is a pleasant and well-intentioned vendor who will certainly visit your island every Sunday between 5 a.m. as well as noon.

9. The arrow isLASuperstar oftraversée de AnimauxUniverse. It is also the face ofTraversée d ‘Animals _’ SNeaux HorizonsSocial media of the age.

Dot picture is cute game Boy style farming shim “Bit Orchard: Animal Valley” console version overseas announcement

Developer 2boone Games and Publisher RedDeergames announced the console version of Game Boy-style Agricultural Sim “Bit Orchard: Animal Valley” for overseas.

This work is characteristic of dot picture and easy operation of the color of the color that was affected by the game Boy. While needing a considerable care, it is a hero who got an apple farm, which is a dream of a longing years, with the preamble and planting work from the repair work and the preamble for the apples and selling apple harvesting and sales I will aim for.

A chip tune music that remains in multiple memory is included in this work, and the music can be changed in the case of the room. In addition, the STEAM version released in May 2021 is a small town, fishing, and color change function of screen that can be selected from 8 colors, and the same function is expected to have a similar function to console version.

# Features of this work

  • Easy operation

  • There is no invisible wall

  • Liplayable Experience

  • Pet rabbit

  • Traditional 2D graphic

  • Great music truck

“Bit Orchard: Animal Valley” is unknown for domestic development planned to release Overseas Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE / Nintendose Switch. In addition, STeam is also sold at STeam for PC (tax included).

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update March 2022: All new events, fish, bugs and items

While Animal Crossing: New Horizons Although the last major update was obtained with the 2.0 patch, players can still find things they can look forward to, especially if Nintendo continues to add new items to the game! Since just a new month begins, you still have enough time to get some of the new items, fish and beetles in your world in your hands.

But what have you added for the month of March? Find it here if we describe all new additions for Animal Crossing: New Horizons detailed!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – What’s new this month?

In the world of Animal Crossing you will find every new month a new set of beetles, fishing and objects, and here are the new additions you will see in March next to your sales prices.

New Error – March 2022

Beetle of the northern hemisphere

  • Yellow butterfly – 160 bells
  • Tiger butterfly – 240 bells
  • Tagsauge – 2,500 bells
  • Mantis – 430 bells
  • Orchid Mantis – 2,400 bells
  • Honeybee – 200 bells
  • Stinkbäfer – 120 bells
  • Stinkbug with human face – 1,000 bells

Beetle of the southern hemisphere

  • Ordinary butterfly – 160 bells
  • Yellow butterfly – 160 bells
  • Monarch – 140 bells
  • Cricket -130 bells
  • Bell Cricket – 430 bells
  • Red Dragonfly – 180 bells
  • Violet beetle – 450 bells
  • Pill Bug -250 bells
  • Thousandfeder -300 bells

NewR Fish – March 2022

Fish of the northern hemisphere

  • Tadape – 100 bells
  • Pasm – 400 bells
  • Kirschlachs – 1,000 bells

  • Char – 3,800 bells
  • Golden trout – 15,000 bells
  • Locked knife jaw – 5,000 bells

Animal Crossing March Update - ALL New Features, Events, Villagers, Fish, Bugs! New Horizons 2.0!

Fish of the southern hemisphere

  • Hecht – 1,800 bells
  • Kirschlachs – 1,000 bells
  • Char – 3,800 bells
  • Golden trout – 15,000 bells
  • Salmon – 700 bells
  • Königschlachs – 1,800 bells
  • Glove crab – 2,000 bells
  • Sturf – 10,000 bells

deep sea creatures of the northern hemisphere

  • Turban seashell – 1,000 bells
  • Chambered Nautilus – 1,800 bells
  • Umbrella tinker – 6,000 bells
  • Glowworm squid – 1,400 bells
  • Spider crab – 12,000 bells

deep sea creatures of the southern hemisphere

  • Oyster – 2,000 bells
  • Turban seashell – 1,000 bells
  • Chambered Nautilus – 1,800 bells
  • Umbrella tinker – 6,000 bells
  • Sweet shrimps – 1,400 bells

New Events – March 2022

Hinamatsuri – March 3rd

  • Hinaningyo – 2,560 bells
  • Flower lantern – 2,400 bells

Pi Day – March 1st to 14 March

  • Pi pie – 314 bells

Shamrock Day – March 10 to 17 March

  • Clover Lock Door Sign – 1,200 Bells
  • Shamrock carpet – 1,500 bells
  • Shamrock soda – 1,000 bells
  • Kleeblatthut – 1320 bells
  • Clover Layers – 1,100 bells
  • Clover leaving – 3,000 bells
  • Clover slippers – 1,680 bells

April Fool Tag: March 26th to 1st April

  • Fourz pillow – 400 bells

As you can see, there are many new things to enjoy the players of relaxing holiday game! Be it from fishing to catching beef and all in between, Animal Crossing is a game that can enjoy almost every1. The fact that Nintendo changes things monthly, gives players who have been able to get everything in recent months, what they needed, the opportunity to come back and see what it’s news, is a welcome variety to formula! And with the addition of DLC to the base game have players who are already gone a while to do a lot of new things!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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