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Eternal Return, 51th New Character Freya Update

[New Character] Mai, Lumia's premier fashion designer prepares her latest garment!
A Numbers (Representative Kim Nam-seok) developed and has released a 51th new character ‘Priya’ in the PC Online Survival Battle Arena ‘Eternal Return’, which is a Kacao Games (Representative Gyeon-hyun), which is served together.

‘Freya’ can play a shitar and communicate with plants, and is composed of skills based on this. It also has a dedicated hat that grows with the passive skill level.

As the main skills of ‘Preya’, when the flowers are full of females, a passive skill that gives the enemy to the enemy to make additional effects on the enemy’s response to the enemy ‘ Melei ‘▲ Skill’ Portamento ‘that will fire forward and slow down the movement and slowly move the movement speed. ‘Songs of the Free Vity’ ▲ The echo of the ultimate echo, which spreads the emerging of the earth by playing the nature of the nature,

The system improvement was also made with additional new character additions. First, a cancel correction was introduced to improve the basic attack operation, and automated the gun loading load. In addition, we improved additional functions such as team member find function, mini-map movement tolerance option, UI positioning.

In addition, new characteristics are expected to enjoy a more colorful game play by adding a ‘soul absorbing device’, a ‘Sprinter’ and a destructive assistant that is a new characteristic. The ‘Sprinter’ paid the algami at the beginning of the game and equipped with a hero grade or more shoes and increases the movement rate at the time of combat. The ‘soul absorbing device’ is a characteristic that allows users to build a stack when they are involved in treatment with the Epic Monster and raise the attack power.

‘Eternal Return’ is a game that up to 18 players use various strategy battles to target the last one or one team. Anyone can enjoy free of charge through ‘Next Games (Daum Games)’, and enjoy games in Cacao Games PC rooms, you can get 50% benefits with all character free use.

Three-person psychological horror “Song of Horror” update Ver. 1.25 English addition-corresponds to interface and subtitles

Three-lived survival horror adventure “ Song of Horror ” corresponded to four languages: Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Traditional, Simplified) than update Ver.1.25.

Song of Horror | Full Game Playthrough - Episode 3
Developer Protocol Games and Publisher Raiser Games say, “I want you to play more people in the world by this update,” these It has been decided to comply with the interface and subtitles. “

This work is a game that explores the location that appears in a classical horror work, such as a suspicious bone part store, an aborted orphanage, and an abandoned mental hospital, while dealing with a super natural phenomenon called “it”. “It” is an advanced AI that produces fear that corresponds to the player’s behavior, and you can experience unpredictable fear. The character caught in “It” is also characterized by a system that does not live twice and the player restarts the search with other characters.

“Song of Horror” is distributed for PC (Steam / DMM Games) / PS4 / Xbox ONE.

[BSC] Main players full of confidence in the game … “There is no demanding team”

Battle Ground Smash Cup Season 6 (BSC Season 6) will be held on 12th and 13th. This BSC is gathering a new rule and a different fun, and I am gathering early. After buying a 60-point point, the team to eat ‘chicken’ is a way to win.

In particular, it is expected that the linkage between the PWS is enhanced to be more intense.

The BSC Championship team will acquire the first quarter of the Weekly Final Direction of the Weekly Final Finals and the Weekly Survival Map, and Ratio Choice of Weekly Survival Maps in Korea,

The total prize money is 30 million won, the first place is 25 million won and the MVP is given 5 million won.

The interviews of major teams were briefly held prior to the first game for the 12th.

** Under the answer,

(from the upper left) ATA ‘Circle’, ‘Under’, Dana and ‘Saluit, Yen’ Innicks’

\ – What is the tricky team?

YENGE ‘Inenix’: There is no demanding team that is not a player in the center of landmark. I think it is not difficult for the team I’ve seen.

Singapore ‘Under’: I think that I think it is a domestic competition in a long time. I feel a new feeling.

\ – Double the BSC championship won the strong reason for a strong reason

ATA ‘Currency’: It’s not just an optimized for the Smash Cup, but it’s just a good game.

\ – How to say the ‘Aka’ player in this time?

ATA ‘Currency’: There is a new person, but there is a bold that is not a new person.

\ – Bonded, the pronoun of the boldness is called a pronoun. I recruited to Helen player

???? The Fed Will Lose an Inflation Fight - Ep 775

Dana and ‘salute’: Helen players seem to be better than me. You can expect it.

“Biohazard Re: 3” topped 5 million copies worldwide! ~ Sales number is steadily extended by high evaluation to work and promotion of digital sales

Capcom, Inc. Informed of PlayStation (R) 4, Xbox ONE and PC Games “Biohazard Re: 3”, Introducing 5 million in the world.

Capcom Co., Ltd. shows a game “Biohazard Re: 3” for PlayStation (R) 4, Xbox One and PC, as it shipped 5 million in the world.

“Biohazard Re: 3” has arranged the story and settings of the “Biohazard 3 Last Escape” released in 1999, and utilizing advanced technologies such as the company developed engine “Re Engine” has been played. It is a remake title that achieves a fresh game experience.

In the “Japan Game Grand Prize 2021” announced in “Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online”, in addition to having a high reputation from users who won the annual work sector “Excellence Award”, continuous price measure and PC We have steadily expanded the user layer and achieved 5 million in the world through the promotion of digital sales strategies such as strengthening the version.

We will continue to provide outstanding game development capabilities and meet the expectations of users.

Product Summary

1. Title Name Biohazard Re: 3 2. Genre Survival Horror 3. Compatible model PlayStation (R) 4, Xbox ONE, PC 4. Release date April 3, 2020

※ “PlayStation” is a registered trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Corporation.

※ Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X | S are trademarks of Microsoft Group.

# “Biohazard” series

This series is a survival horror game that tries escaping from a disastere with weapons and items. Since the first production of the 1996, the series of consent sales of the series is a representative content of more than 100 million, and there are more than 25 years since the appearance, we have already collected enthusiastic support from all over the world.

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