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18 Years Later: Fans Want to Continue Legendary Simulation – Find It On Steam!

If you love simulations and building video games, you will mainly discover it on Heavy steam.
Nevertheless, not every preferred SIM series has actually made it onto the system.

There is no trace of the god simulation Black & White
The followers of the collection as a result grieve Reddit.

players desire a resurgence from Black & White.

Also, if the video games have actually guaranteed more than was finally held: both Black & White games delight in cult standing.
In 2001 the initial component of the uncommon simulation appeared with Black & White, which makes the gamer directly.
A principle that was entirely new back then and had a wide media passion.
Reviewing tip
Mega success on Heavy steam: SIM Globe success obtains official successors
Jasmin Peugeot
Although the video game was fighting with some trouble, including the short period as well as messing control, Black & White was played excellently by the global press-90 percent on Metacritic.
And also the very first game of Lion head Studios was additionally a full success, so a follower appeared in 2005.


Black & White 2-PC trailer
However, Black & White 2 might no more attach to the success of the predecessor and also, so the collection vanished in the sinking.
Absolutely nothing has transformed 18 years later.
The Lion head Studios were enclosed 2016 and the brand is still on ice.

fans grieving the god simulations

To the dismay of the fans, that still desire a sequel or a minimum of a brand-new edition for Steam:
As a matter of fact, both gods are neither stood for on Steam neither on Gog.
So there is no lawful way to overtake the games or enjoy pleasant nostalgia.
Unless you still have the CDs existing around someplace.
The factor for this truth can additionally be discovered in the remarks:

If I keep in mind correctly, the issue is that a company has the brand and also the various other business has the right to release, and none of the 2 firms are prepared to interact or sell.
A feasible Black & White 3 is really unlikely.
But as it is popular, really hope passes away.

Get Ready For Huge Savings On MSI Mini PC Cubi 5 C5205U During Digital Big Sale Event!

MS I Korea (CEO Public Book) participated in the digital big sale at G Market and delivered the discount news of Mini PC Cuba 5 C5205U.

The event will be held for 9 days from February 6 to 14 for digital/home appliance category.
Among them, MSI Mini PC adds a 15% selection coupon and a 5% card discount to offer up to 20% discount.

The MSI Mini Cuba 5 C5205U is a classic product that has a strong performance with its strong performance even in the compact size of 0.66L.

You can select black or white color according to the user’s taste, and the Intel® Cameron processor is equipped with an Intel® Cameron processor to efficiently handle various tasks.
In addition, anyone can easily enhance performance by adopting a simple assembly method that can be upgraded to various environments.
It is a low noise equivalent to 23.6dB as well as the excellent design of the heat resolution.

It is also connected to HDMI, DP, and USB Type-C port, and you can also check the full system that can be used immediately after purchasing, such as RAM 4G, 128 GB SSD, and Windows 11 Pro from Bear which is equipped with only CPUs.
If you apply the maximum discount, you can meet the Bear this product for 160,000 won and the full system for 240,000 won.


MSI officials said, We decided to participate in mini-PCs that can be used in various places such as home, office, kiosk, and offer attractive discounts with the world’s lowest title.

I ask for a lot of purchases and attention.

Additional information on the MSI monitor can be found on the MSI Korea website and MSI Korea official Facebook or MSI Korea official Instagram.

Killer Queen Black: how to win with the army

The multiplayer feeling of Bumblebear Games killer Queen Black is now available for Nintendo Switch and PC, with an outing to come on Xbox One. It’s a favorite multiplayer game that swept the country with the arcade versions, and the players now have the opportunity to see what it is at home.

There are three ways to win this funny – military, economic and snail game. For this guide, we will take a look at military victory. Many action players are sure to take advantage of this option more than the others. This victory condition means the elimination of the enemy queen during a match. When she dies three times, the other team automatically marks a victory.

What is the best way for someone to eliminate a queen? Well, there is a particular strategy for that, so decompos it.

Remove the queen

First of all, you must realize that killing a queen can be a delicate matter unless the opposing player does not “understand” how he is supposed to work. The queen can move quickly in a step and attack even faster with fingering strikes. She can eliminate almost everyone from the opposing team, able to finish drones (Queen’s assistants) without blinking. And she can also defeat the rival queen with a sword attack, which explains why it is useful to stay in the offensive.

But here is the thing – the queen is not the only one who can eliminate another queen. There is another strategy in which drones can turn into warriors. They can do so using unique pods, which the queen can claim. When the queen acts these doors, drones can turn into a warrior or speed drone when they carry a bay. By taking the warriors’ road, they become armed. At this stage, they can now defeat the queen by means of hand -to -hand or pistol attacks, flying with the same handling as hers.

However, it is a risky business. As indicated above, the queen remains armed at any time and can quickly eliminate her enemies by a knife attack. If you want to try to attack the queen, it is better to try to do it from a distance while she is distracted.

How to win with the Queen

Regarding victory with your queen, this is based on two things: movement and aggression. By continuing to move quickly on a step, you can easily choose potential targets, such as drones trying to win victory (another way of winning) or looking for berries. Killing drones will not bring you points, but will prevent your opponent from winning matches in another way. In addition, they are easy to remove when they are not warriors.

Bumblebash 3 GRAND FINALS

However, the main target is the queen of the opposing player. And they will fight, especially if the player who manipulates them knows how to go about it. The queen killer. Your best bet is to look at their movement and wait for time to hit to beat this character. But you will want to make sure not to stay motionless while you play the queen. This makes your task easier to kill. Continuing to move, you are less likely to see them – and you can find your moment to wear the fatal blow.

When someone has a fatal blow and the queen is defeated, you win the round. Do it twice more, and the game is yours.

This victory condition takes time to master. The Queen is a class focused on action and may not suit those who want to take the risk of being in broad daylight and being the decisive factor of the game. But those who are ready to assume its role and accept His power can find him very satisfactory-and perhaps even causing an addiction, on the basis of the killing queen_ fans.

Check-out killer Queen Black Today for Nintendo Switch and PC. An release date for Xbox One should be available shortly.

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