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Activision does not go out again Call of Duty game next year

Call of Duty will not receive a new episode in 2023. This will be the first time that the franchise will be without the annual main exit in nearly 20 years.

According to internal sources, Activision Blizzard pushes this version after a recent entry in the series did not meet expectations. This failure led the leaders to believe that the studio presented too quickly new versions of the game to the public.

Last year’s entry, Call of Duty: Vanguard did not meet the sales expectations of the company. This led the leaders to suspect that he had been cannibalized by the entry of the series they had launched the previous year.

Activision in PANIC MODE! Call of Duty FLOPPED and Next Game DELAYED!
To troubleshoot fans, the studio will work on other projects to fill the void. A call of duty game is already planned for this fall. This upcoming title will receive a constant stream of new content. The insiders also confirmed that there will be a new free online game of Treyarch next year. The studio also works on the COD project now delayed.

The players community expects this delay to have a huge effect on the video game industry. After all, Activision has always launched a new annual premium entry in the series since 2005. The Call of Duty games have always been among the best in terms of annual sales. They sold more than 400 million units since the beginning of the franchise in 2003.

Despite popular speculations, this delay would not be related to the acquisition of activism by Microsoft for $ 69 billion. So far, Activision has remained autonomous. However, Microsoft can easily decide to change these plans after the acquisition is finalized by the summer of 2023.

The Call of Duty games come from a rotating stable of activism studios. The new Modern Warfare game set for this autumn will be developed by Infinity Ward.

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COD VANGUARD: Treyarch details your Zombie mode road map a little more for season 2

It was this week that we were able to discover the Roadmap of the 2 season of Call of Duty Vanguard, and if the news will be there, it seems that the zombies will not be left behind, as it will house a new center, new sands but Also new enemies. And allies for the occasion, the latter benefited from its own roadmap, providing some additional details about what we already knew.

VANGUARD ZOMBIES SEASON 2 Details a little more


New Hub, New Zones, New Objective and Easter Egg

Thus, as we already know, the zombies will welcome a new center through the map Terra Maledicta and in it, players will have access to three new areas with Corrupted Lands, Eastern Desert and Hall of Thruth. However, the latter will offer the same objectives that we already know but still will benefit from a new one with the so-called sacrifice **.


In addition, a legendary gun of zombies mode will return to feel again in Kino der Toten: the ray weapon, but also the shield “decimator”, and both will be available through the mysterious box. Regardless The Sacred Punch , will offer us a new camouflage for weapons that will be improved. Finally, two new weapons will appear that will be unlocked through the battle pass: KG M40 and Whitley .


Expected from the launch of Zombies mode in Cod: Vanguard, this way will welcome new history missions that will have a new enemy, Zaballa , but also a new ally under the name of Vercanna . Players can take advantage of their help with the healing aura and, like the other auras, it will be possible to improve it to level V. Finally, season 2 will obviously offer new challenges to beat and, therefore, everything This will be available on February 14.

Call of Duty Next: Modern Warfare 2019 Continued and Warzone 2 confirmed

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 Sequel And Warzone 2 Officially Announced - IGN Now
Activision Blizzard officially announced that the new Call of Duty will be a continuation of Modern Warfare 2019 in 2022. Furthermore, warzone 2 should also appear this year. The plans for the future has officially listed Activision as follows: * This year’s Call of Duty is a continuation of Modern Warfare 2019. * The new game and a new Warzone experience were developed from scratch. * Expect a massive development of Battle Royale with a completely new game area and a new sandbox mode. * A new engine drives both the new Call of Duty game and Warz1. * The development of both the new Call of Duty and the Warzone Experience is guided by Infinity Ward.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2: Completely new gaming experience in development according to rumor

Call of Duty: WARZONE 2 FULLY EXPLAINED... (Warzone 2: Next Gen Only, Gameplay Changes & More)

Instead of expanding the current Battle Royale Shooter Call of Duty: Warzone with any new main part of the series, is a further part in development according to rumors. Insider Tom Henderson writes that Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is exactly that: a second part. Therefore, no weapons of the predecessors are integrated into the game. The new Battle Royale battlefield should be located for current consoles, ie Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5, as well as for PC in development. Just a completely new game for a better hardware. About a successor to Call of Duty: Warzone first reported Bloomberg. There it said that at least three more games of the Shooter series should appear after the purchase of Microsoft on PlayStation consoles. Including Warzone 2 in 2023.

Phil Spencer notes that the Call of Duty games will continue to arrive at PlayStation

Today, Sony’s official response was announced before the purchase of Activision Blizzard . Here, the managers asked Microsoft to respect the existing agreements. Now, Phil Spencer, Chief of Xbox, has issued a statement where he not only says that this will be the case, but the Call of Duty games will continue to reach the PlayStation consoles.

Through your official Twitter account, Spencer said that all contracts between Activision Blizzard and Sony prior to the acquisition of the company will be respected , and has the desire that Call of Duty games will continue to be available in the PlayStation consoles. This was what he commented:

I had good calls this week with Sony’s leaders. I confirmed our intention to honor all existing agreements after the acquisition of Activision Blizzard and our desire to maintain Call of Duty at PlayStation. Sony is an important part of our industry, and we value our relationship.

Recall that Xbox did respected the exclusivity of Death loop and Ghost wire: Tokyo for PlayStation 5, which were being developed by Arcane and Game works Tango prior to Microsoft acquisition. Regarding Call of Duty, although it seems that Spencer’s intention is to let this series continue to arrive at PlayStation for now, This is just a wish . Nothing ensures that this last point changes in the future.

On related topics, you can learn more about Sony’s response here. Similarly, it seems that Microsoft still has several purchases in mind.

Editor’s note:

While it is true that the contracts between Activision Blizzard and Sony will be respected, once these come to an end, it is likely that the amount of Xbox exclusives increase. Nothing ensures that Call of Duty leave the PlayStation family in the future. Maybe not this year or the next, but perhaps in 2024 we see substantial changes.

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