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Fortnite: The huge concert of Coachella invites himself in the Royal Battle, a festival of novelties!

Epic Games and Fortnite are not the kind to let big events pass. On many occasions, the Royal Battle resumed in its account of the prominent appointments, such as some cinema outings, to make a series of content. Once again, Fortnite has planned everything and associates with the iconic Concert of Coachella, bringing down dozens of artists, to put the atmosphere in each of your parts.


A game that makes room

Between new collaborations and unpublished game mode, we do not know where to give head on Fortnite. In addition to the two big figures of the Ubisoft developer who spend a head into the royal battle and the arrival of a zero construction , Season 2 of chapter 3 of the flagship game of Epic Games N ‘ has not yet revealed all surprises! Anyway, Fortnite has never seen as popular as today, and his vertiginous attendance figures testify. For Epic Games and his foal, the time is at the party: it falls well, since the launch of the Coachella festival will come to animate the next days of the Royal Battle.

For more than a month, until May 16, it will be possible to discover the music of the different artists from the programming of the edition 2022 thanks to the radio icons . Coachella obliges, it is recommended to all players and players to get on his 31 because one of the trademarks of this festival also resides in the dress choice of festival-goers and, again, Epic Games A All planned with a salvo of unprecedented cosmetics to recover in two stages within the game shop.

Fortnite heals his outfit for Coachella

From this night, Friday at 2am, Fortnite inaugurated the first accessories related to this unprecedented collaboration. So you can already find the set of natural outfit that consists of a Luminodon back accessory, a morsiro picks and a profile. However, it may be the set of fresh outfit that will interest you, thanks to its Swaguaro back accessory, its festival pickup pickle . Note that both possess an alternative version, cosmic equalizer, which has the particularity of reacting to music . If you can not decide, The Coachella ** Rockers Pack will give you both sets.

For a whole week, the party will beat full on Fortnite while a new cosmetic batch will come from a week. Thus, from April 22, the alto and poet outfits will succeed in the previous two. As for the Alto Ensemble, it will entitle you to a sonic joy backing accessory and the nice electropalm tree .

On the side of the poet set , your character can arbor The accessory of back cosmonautical helmet, the cactoged pick and the main scene coating . As previously, the two sets will be gathered in The Coachella Dancers Pack that offers you, in addition, a loading screen, baptized enter the coachelverse .


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How to defeat Starscourge Radahn in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has several very complex battles with bosses, and a total of more than 80 bosses, players will definitely meet some of whom it is impossible to win. Star Square Radan is an optional boss in the game, but the rewards for his victory are worth it. It is also one of the most complex and unique bosses in Elden Ring, so players should not miss this battle in their passage.

EASIEST way to defeat Starscourge Radahn in Elden Ring
The battle of Starscourge Radahn consists of two phases. It will happen on a huge arena, and it is so great that this is one of the few battles with bosses that allow the torrent during the battle. The first phase will consist mainly from the distant attacks of Radan. At this stage, the players really need to focus only on getting through the huge open platform to Radan, as well as shy away from its shells. Right at the entrance, players will also be able to call the useful allies of NPC ** that will help them in this struggle. This is what players should not miss, as NPC can distract the player’s attention during the battle.

The second phase is a clear beginning, as as soon as Radan reaches a certain percentage of health, it will take off into the sky. Returning like a burning fireball and knock on the ground. This should be avoided at any cost, since one hit from his descent can turn into death for the player. At this stage, the Radan has several attacks around the area and long battle, which it will use, and players should also avoid them.

The best overall strategy to adhere to players is emphasize mobility . Many Radan attacks can very quickly hit the players. Using Torrent to avoid some of the most deadly blows, can save a lot of health in battle, especially at the beginning. Because Radan is very fast and powerful patience in this battle with the boss is even more important than in some others.

Where is the “Star Square Radan”?

Star Square Radan is in Calid , the region east of the starting zone of Limgrave. It can be found in castle on the southeast coast area. Players will need to enter the castle and start the battle with the boss before going to the arena.

What do you get for the victory over Starscourge Radahn?

By defeating Radan, players will access his great rune. They can also visit the maiden in the fortress of the round table to restore his memory and get a big sword of the stellar firm. Radana clothing will also be available to buy from the Virgin after he is defeated. The death of Radan will also open the entrance to the Nokron, the Eternal City. Here players can find very powerful prey and the ashes of the Spirit.

Interested in bosses in Elden Ring and want to know more? Learn how to defeat the Dragon Warrior Noxtells in Elden Ring in the players on the game for professionals!

DMM Games “Aria Mamoru” Defense Organization Event “Science and Magic” is being held! In addition, new costumes of Diamis and new boss laid are also appeared!

Joint company EXNOA (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: village Yusuke, URL: https: //games.dmm.com/) in DMM GAMES which is operated, 3D real-time battle RPG in the popular delivery “God killing of Aria “I am, held a national defense organization event” Science and Magic “from February 16, informed that the new Bosureido appeared.

Joint company EXNOA (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: village Yusuke, URL: https: //games.dmm.com/) in DMM GAMES which is operated, 3D real-time battle RPG in the popular delivery “God killing of Aria “is, held a national defense organization event” Science and Magic “from February 16, we will inform you that the new Bosureido appeared.

▼ official site
▼ official Twitter

▼ official PV

Defense organization event “Science and Magic” is held!

February 16 days from the (water), we have held a national defense organization event “Science and Magic”.

Aisha and the firefly facing wearing a battle suit to battle with God group.

After God 蝕浄 of, contact enters from the person referred to as “Kawakami tomorrow Hana” of national defense organization.

Circumstances that so far there has been no exchange between the organizations as “PROV”, “defense organization” has become a cooperative relationship

And,… the reason for Aisha, firefly was wearing a battle suit? Please enjoy the Diamisu our story of the figure wearing the battle suit!

Can be earned for completing reading and special dungeon during the clearing of the event story in this event attracted a “battle suit Report”, it can be replaced with a variety of items.

▼ introduce some of the replaceable items as “Battle Suit Report”
– special attacker only weapon ticket
Special Gacha 11 series ticket
·philosopher’s Stone

▼ period
2022 February 16 (Wed) – 2022 February 28 (Monday)

new costumes Diamisu is added!

Battle suit costume of the SF-like atmosphere has been added to the shop!

In addition, this time the added battle suit costume using a battle suit ticket of “national defense organization event mission” reward, you can win!

▼ costumes add character
· Komiyama Aisha (cv. Misora ​​Natsuhi)
Black Fern firefly (cv. Sagami love)

defense organization event limited sales in the Specialty Products!

events support! Rune pack

Rune capable of status enhanced by mounting the equipment can be acquired “unknown Rune: L” and “event ticket” is deals pack attached to the bonus.

Use the event ticket attempts to acquire the rewards of “Science and Magic”!

Hikari Mochizuki immediate use pack

Diamisu of Introducing the “Hikari Mochizuki” ☆ in five of the state can be a friend.

In addition, this good-pack and a private weapons and dedicated treasure tool exchange ticket as a set.

new Diamisu appearance!

A new Diamisu has appeared! Please by all means give to welcome from the shops and exchange offices.

Hikari Mochizuki (cv 逢真 well be this.) [Contract devil: morax]

Party of specializing in defense surface with respect to the MP recovery and magic attack, support side of the magic medic.

new Bosureido appeared!

February 16 (water) than a new Bosureido “black flame of giant Surt” has appeared!

Surt is proud magic attack resistance, all of the attack magic attribute. Or guardian to protect the fellow from the magic attack, let’s fight with her attacker’s physical attributes!

In addition, frequent use of the buff release, is a formidable enemy in the usual way to come to a very technical attacks against the appearance such as full use of a non-released state abnormal!

new mug appeared!

With the Surt appearance “new mug” appeared to Bosureido clearinghouse.

By mastering the Shinmagu, let’s put a difference to other players!

defense organization events, time-limited mission competitions now tailored to add new Reidobosu!

Special mission so you can enjoy more the game is being held. For more information on mission Please check in the game.

Defense organization events Mission

▼ mission content
In-period, the mission of the limited time appeared.
– to achieve the mission of a variety of conditions, you can earn an item to be used in the event exchange offices and “Battle suit reports,” “Battle suit ticket”.

▼ period
2022 February 16 (Wed) – 2022 February 28 (Monday)

new boss raid mission campaign

▼ mission content
In-period, the mission of the limited time appeared.
– Depending on the number of times that the battle Bosureido within the time period you can earn, such as “ether” or “special Gacha 11 series ticket”.

▼ new boss raid mission campaign period
2022 February 16 (Wed) – 2022 February 21 (Monday)

Product Summary

Title: “God killing of Aria” genre: 3D real-time battle RPG official website: https: //kamigoroshi-aria.com/ official Twitter: https: //twitter.com/KGA_STAFF platforms: PC (browser version, DMM GAME PLAYER version ) / DMM GAMES store selling price: basic Free + some billing element Yes rights expression: (C) 2021 EXNOA LLC

Curspel, Open Memorial Creator Crew Battle held

Nexon (Representative Lee Jung-hyun) announced on the 17th that the “Kurtzpel) of the PC Online Action Battle Game ‘Kurtzpel’ was developed by Cog (Representative Lee Jong-won).

The Creator Crew Battle is a surprise event that has a total of 16 famous creators, including the “Basford Crew” of African TV, the ‘Mountain Crew Crew’ of the Twitch.

The event contest of the Mountain Crew proceeds live on a twitch at 10 pm on the 18th. The four-person broadcaster of the twist, such as ‘Han Dong Sook’ and ‘Monster’, and the two-party broadcasters appeared to 2: 2.

The Basford Crew Competition will be broadcasted on the 21st on the 21st through Africa TV. A total of 12 African TV representative BJ (personal broadcasters) appear. It is divided into four teams, such as ‘Gest’, ‘Idiong’, ‘Brilliant’ and ‘Demorae Wook’, and 3: 3 confrontation.

Nexon also proceeds with the prediction event of the creator crew battle. We will draw a total of 1,000 users who have been hit by a climbing team. For event participants, ‘[Eleduka] dye cube’, ‘[Elida] AP + 50% boost (1 day)’, ‘[Eleduka] GP + 50% boost (1 day) ” give. Events are held until just before each competition and can participate through the Curspel official website.

Crews Battle 'Fire Storm' in Boulder County

On the other hand, on the 15th, the ‘Catsfel’, which was released in Korea, is characterized by a variety of skills (weapons) of the battle, and experience powerful actions using a variety of skill combo. ‘General Convention (4 VS 4)’, ‘Rank (2 Vs 2)’, PVP content composed of ‘Battle’, maximized the fun of the Daejeon action.

The details of the ‘Czfel’ Creator Crew Battle and Events can be found on the official homepage.

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