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Neople is a new representative,

People announced on the 21st that it has promoted Soon Myung-jin’s action studio director as a new CEO.


Soon Myung-jin, the new CEO of the new CEO, joined the People new employee in 2008, and was head of the Dungeon & Fighter (hereinafter referred to as Dun pa) Development Office in 2014, and head of the Action Studio Division in 2017. ‘Dun pa Man’, a representative of People, who led the development of ‘Dun pa’ IP games as well as ‘domestic and international live services.’

In particular, based on an in-depth understanding of IP and users, the company led the ‘Dun pa’ at the forefront through a stable live service, and showed excellent development leadership by achieving successful launch and performance of the new ‘Dun Fame Mobile’.

Soon Myung-jin, the new CEO of the new CEO, said, I am a great honor to be the representative director of People. We will strengthen our bold strategy and development capabilities that make use of the game’s original fun, making it a global development company.

The new CEO will be officially appointed through related procedures such as the board of directors in November.

Row Jungian, CEO of Nixon Korea, will oversee IP-oriented business development. Row Jungian, the CEO of People since February 2018, has strengthened its growth engine by actively supporting the stable live operation of Dungeon & Fighter and Cyphers during his tenure.

Information such as the Death Season Dungeon and Coronel Dolls, where strong enemies awaits the new Sukueni Harvester and the collection of Coronel dolls.

Square Enix has released new information about the new RPG Harvested , which is about to be released.

The information released this time is a death season dungeon that can only be reached between the disaster death season that comes at the turn of the season, and a collection element of dolls where you can get various gifts. In addition, the latest updates from the trial version to the product version have been released.

AdventureDeath Season Dungeon

A dungeon that can only go between the death season that occurs at the turn of the season. In this dubious dungeon connected in a well, you can go further deeper by defeating strong enemies waiting on each floor.


Job that can handle unique weapons and characteristic skills. By making the character with the job a friend, the hero who is the player will be able to use the job.

Luna Manner

A job that is good at a wide range of magic attacks and weakening. Attack attacks that take advantage of the huge mass of stars.

LifeDelivery of food

Residents of various towns visiting on the way to travel may ask for delivery of dishes. By making and delivering the desired dishes, you can get various rewards, such as money and new dishes.

Colonel doll collection

A hideaway that exists quietly in a certain town. If you look for the Colonel doll that the lord of the retreat Master Colonel is collecting and hand it over, it seems that you can exchange it for somehow.


Colonel dolls have fallen in various places, such as towns and dungeons, so collect them and receive gifts from Master Colonel.

Nintendo Switch trial version

The trial version can be played to 15 days in the game time or Chapter 2. The save data you play can be taken over to the product version.
The trial version distribution is only Nintendo Switch.


Product version update from Harvester trial version

In response to the opinions of customers who played the Nintendo Switch trial version, the product version (Nintendo Switch / Steam) plans to improve by updating below.
There is no following update in the trial version.

Harvester will be released on November 4, 2022, and the Steam version will be released on November 5. The price is 7,680 yen (tax included).

In addition, GAMESPARK publishes a PR special article that supports play from an unusual angle for this work. Please also see that too.

[Life] The editorial department Harvester Agricultural Working Strategy, which is physically transmitted through actual agriculture

Nexon first, Dunpa Mobile new class Woman Prosecutor

[Fighter Mobile Moon Young-soo] Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) is the first user event of the mobile game ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’ (hereinafter referred to as Dun Fighter Mobile) ‘2022 Dungeon & Fighter Mobile League (hereinafter referred to as DFML) Priest and Mini Showcase It was announced on the 20th that it was held in great success.

The event, which was held on the 19th, held a mini showcase and part 2 DFML Free Season Competition. In the mini showcase, Neople Lee Won-man and Ok Sung-tae participated in the first half of 2022 postmotem, summer update plan, and the second half of roadmap. In the second part, the ‘Lotus Raid Event Game’, which included Gamst and Guinuda, and ‘DFML Free Season’, worth 100 million won.

First, Director Lee Won-man announced the postmotem and summer update plan in the first half of 2022, and announced future improvements.

On June 30, the Dunpa Mobile new class will be added to the new class, and will be released for four former characters, Sword Master, Demon Slayer, Dark Templar, and Vega Bond. Director Lee Won-man said, We have improved more exciting action and manipulation by moving the attractive personality of the female prosecutor to mobile.

In order to commemorate the addition of the female inspection class, the pre-registration event will be held until June 29, and the users will receive two items such as ‘Swords and Beast Time Time Box’ and ‘Women’s Prosecutor Creature Box’.

In July, we plan to add various contents such as Lotus Hard Mode and Black Earth Battlefield. The Lotus Hard Mode is a separate dungeon from the Lotus Raid, which consists of 3 pages, and can experience the power of the powerful apostles and receive an upward reward.

Subsequently, Ok Sung-tae introduced two former jobs, including the ‘Southern Prestist’ class, which has strengthened the combat role through the roadmap in the second half of the Pamobile, and the Crusader and Infighter. In addition, he also announced plans to make three additional plans, including ▲ Mistress, Ms., and heresy referee.

In addition, Dunpamo Mobile’s new character ‘Warrior’ has been unveiled and released two additional plans, including ▲ Wild Bane and Wind Shea. In addition, the company has expanded its highest level of Dunpamo to 65 in the second half of the year, and announced plans to update the ancient dungeon Naxheim and Osma Raid.


At the same time, the actor stoppage appeared, delivering a plan for the first Ambassador activity, and unveiled the first-time female prosecutor OST.

In the second part, the Lotus Raid PVE war was held with 12 popular streamers such as Gamst and Guinuda, and a total of 100 million won in DFML free season was held. In this tournament, which was held as ‘3 to 3 Streamer Daejeon’ and ‘1-to-1 Adventure Daejeon’, the team and Kim Dong-wook won the team and Kim Dong-wook, respectively. He became a hero of 10,000 won and 6 million years old, 20 million won in cash and 5 million years old.

Dungeon & Fighter, Top Level Extension Season 8 The Next New Journey Update

Nexon (Representative Lee Jung-hyon) is a popular online action game ‘Dungeon & Fighter (Dunpa), expanding the highest level to 110 levels and showing new dungeons and stories. The Next Journey (The Next Journey) ‘Updated.

First, a variety of quests, stories, villages, and dungeons are new through the ‘Saint’ s war ‘,’ the storm ‘,’ Noblez Code ‘,’ Destroyed Dead Surprise ‘, and’ Naemen Ross’. The 100th level from the 100 levels added this time, apply a new difficulty system, and the scenario dungeon diversify the difficulty, and adds a “Heroes” that is more difficult than the general dungeon, and choose the appropriate difficulty.

In particular, the advanced dungeon ‘Noblesse Code’ is available, and the team can be used to utilize the character of the adventure to a maximum of four people from one person. When you complete the dungeon or the mission object, you can distribute compensation for each character that participated in the battle, and the compensation slot is set up to two for each character. Another advanced dungeon ‘destroyed dead’ can be entered as solo or party, and can select certain effects or functions through map movement.

February 22nd Update & Events Preview

On the other hand, update the new 105-level equipment items and changes the optional growth system to change to a continuous growth. The equipment is divided into a custom optional equipment that can freely set the fixed optional equipment and options with the optional fixed optional equipment and options. Custom optional equipment can use the optional transmission system.

In addition, we present a new system. Inorganic items introduce a safe enhancement system that can be enhanced to +12, and +10 amplification possible to +10 amplification. Further, whenever the fatigue 30 is used, it is possible to obtain a play point used for purchasing the advanced dungeon admission. With emergency missions and missions, monster is shown, and the highest level of adventurous extends to the level of 50.

Strengthen action and add a disabled gauge system to which you want to double the state, hold, and rigid, and to double the character. The neutralization gauge can be destroyed by the weakness of the monster and reducing all the gauges. In addition, through the defense reorganization, the defense-related status is made significant, and changes the TP skill below 30 levels, with the master level and maximum level adjustment of the SP skill. In addition, a character balance patch that adjusts the attack force is also applied.

Nexon introduces a growth acceleration mode event that can achieve 100 levels to achieve 100 levels by May 12, commemorating this update and paying 100 level Epic Full Set and Xinhua Equipment. In addition, when played a suitable level dungeon from the same period to 110 levels from the same period to 110 levels, it provides a ‘new adventure’, which is a new material item ‘Golden Beryl’, ‘+12 River 8 Bent Weapons’ And can be exchanged.

In addition to this, it provides a rich compensation for ‘1 level rise’, ‘Crystalline’, ‘Calay Box’, ‘Reinforcement’, which is connected to ‘Dunpa’ every day by April 21. Additional “+10 equipment strengthening”, ‘special production 8-bit mask & snowman body box’ will be added.

More information on this update can be found on the official homepage of ‘Dunpa’.

Rick and Morty launches a band

Last update there is March 31, 2021

Chaos Chaos (formerly Smoosh) - Do You Feel It?

Rick and Deady are not strangers at major events. In a way, it is the series that finally puts profit the talents of Dan Harmon; While found a lot of success with _Community. It was in a more specialized market, while Rick and Morty went better and better, generating board games, video games and disastrous links with McDonalds. Hell, they created the first episode of season 3 months earlier through constant rehearsals on Adult Swim – if it’s not dedicated, what is it?

Thanks to the new ad, we now know that season 5 will be broadcast on June 20 – what is now called Rick and Morty Day, in the great tradition of Dan Harmon emissions that start with 19 October of Community – and It seems more strange than ever – and that can only mean good things.

In case you have been trapped in another dimension without internet access (in this case, hello, interdimensional traveler), Rick and Morty follow the holder characters, an alcoholic super-genius and its sweet grandson – sometimes joined by their Family – As they explore the multiverse, having bizarre adventures along the way – whether in the last adventure of a team of superheroes or accidentally muting all humanity. There is not much to glean, from the point of view of history, trailer, but we get extracts from some adventures of the last season – including Rick Fighter a group of other Rick (not as strange as it may seem), what describes as a “Strange Horny Ocean Man” visiting the Smith / Sanchez house, an invasion by a giant mantle, and, more exciting for classical horror fans, Rick and Beth saving the Jerry resident end monkey with an infernal dimension inspired by Hellraiser.

To coincide with the exit, the fans will have “a megadose access and content of all things ricick and morty” on a variety of channels, including glimpses and scenes images.

Are you excited for the new season? Let us know in the comments, on Twitter, or Facebook.

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