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How to defeat stamps in Horizon Forbidden West?

In Horizon Forbidden West, stamps are terrifying crust-like cars. Their most complex combat mechanics are their ability to go on the ground and appear right under Ela, inflicting a huge damage when hitting. The best way to combat this powerful machine is to remove some key parts of the body that allow it to perform these devastating attacks.

Destruction of the Camnelloma Blaise Sak turns off its ability to perform attacks with fiery effects, which can save elaux additional health during the battle. Players can also aim on mining claws The destruction of which will turn off the ability of the camnelloma to be buried under the ground.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Players can attack cars with various spontaneous attacks. Elementary attacks in the game include fire, shock, frost, plasma, sewage and acid. Stockers will weak to damage from shock and ice attacks. They will also strongly against damage from fiery attacks.

Body parts

There are many different parts of the body on the squamine, and each of them will give different prey and apply a different amount of damage to the machine when attacking players. Parts of the Rockbreaker hull:

  • Body
  • Mountain claw
  • Blaise Sak
  • Canister resources
  • Exhaust hole


Machines in Horizon Forbidden West will fall out different items, many of which are specific for each type of machines. Some can be taken from the fallen machine, and others will need to be removed (to shoot down the arrow or remove the spear) while the car is still alive. From the stone list of items will fall out of the camnera:

  • Flying sludge (very rare) – falls out of the body and flaming bag.
  • Blaze (Common) – falls out of the body and Blaze SAC.
  • Metal fragments (ordinary) – fall out of the body
  • Circulator of the stone * (unusual) – falls out of the body
  • Big core of the car (rare) – falls out of the body and canisters with resources.
  • The main nerve of the Kamneloma * (rare) – falls out of the body and canisters with resources.
  • Machine musculature (unusual) – falls out of the body
  • Braided wire (ordinary) – falls out of the body and canisters with resources
  • Crystal braid (very rare) – falls out of the body
  • Metal bone (rare) – falls out of the body
  • Glowing cerebral barrel (very rarely) – falls out of the body
  • Durable rigid plate (ordinary) – falls out of the body and canisters with resources.
  • Claw Mining Komneloma * (very rarely) – falls out of Mining Claw.
  • Explosive paste (rare) – falls out of the canister with resources.

Horizon Forbidden West Secrets & Hidden Features You Don't Want To Miss (Shield Weaver Skill & More)
* Items marked with an asterisk fall exclusively from the Rockbreaker car.


In Horizon Forbidden West boilers allow the players to override the machines inside this boiler after they completed it. The completion of the boiler usually means passing through the corridors, similar to the dungeon, and a collision with a boss at the end. Stamp is part Kappa wins the boiler .

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What is the GOLDEN BLOOM in Horizon Forbidden West?

In the Forbidden West, Elo will meet several new plants, including the Golden Flower. These beautiful borders of flowers, called flowers, can be found in several different colors, each of which has its name. Found on the rocks and slopes of rocks, players may not originate for what they will use these flowers.

Using Gold Colors

Golden Blooms is especially yellow flowers. As indicated in the player’s inventory, these plants, along with all other types of colors, are used for paints. As a golden yellow flower, he can paint her clothes in yellow.

Horizon Forbidden West Secrets & Hidden Features You Don't Want To Miss (Shield Weaver Skill & More)

The dyeing stations can be found in most major cities of Westerns Elo. These stations are marked on the map as a mortar and pestle and are usually located next to equipment sellers. The first thing players will be able to find will be in the settlement called Plainsong.

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Horizon: Forbidden West – What happened so far – Horizon: Zero Dawn in the story

When Aloy and her mysterious world full of machinery five years ago in Horizon: Zero Dawn invited for the first time to grab the adventures to grabbing, in the center of history was the question of the origins of this postalapalyptic world. Again and again the action fascinated with thought-out twists and profound explanations for the secrets of the game world. The great mystery for the fate of the old and the role of mechanical engineering was uncovered, but not all questions have long been clarified. And so, Aloy is now breaking in a new adventure in the coming Horizon: Forbidden West to avert the continued lurking hazards for the world. Because the future of life on earth is still on a silk thread. If your memory is not the best for action details, or just want to refresh your memories, we have summarized the previous events of the world of Horizon for you in this article. If you prefer this summary in moving pictures, you will find a video version of this article below.

Horizon Forbidden West | The history of the predecessor in the story recap

ejected and motherless

Protagonist Aloy is growing as an outcast in the tribal area of ​​the Nora, where she lives in the ejected rust. Why she is avoided from the trunk and who is her mother, she does not know. At the age of six, Aloy crashes through a ground hole into an underground ruin of a long past civilization, which is called “the old” by humans. Their buildings and plants consist of stone, metal and frequently technical devices that can not explain the primitive tribes. Therefore, the Nora usually avoids the places of which as Aloy finds a focus with six years, she opens up a whole new world of knowledge. Source: PC Games so-called metal world. Aloy, however, must forcibly have a way through the underground bunker trains to find a way back to the surface. It comes for the first time with the technology of the old one in contact. She finds a so-called focus. A multifunctional tool worn on the temples. The focus will help you recognize things that does not see the mere eye and understand the technology of the old ones.

Back on the surface, Aloy is confronted again with her life as an outcast. Frustrated holes your drawing father rust with questions about your origin and your mother. The only way to learn the necessary answers from the matriarchines of the NORA strain, however, to win the testing. This is a ritual in which adult nora prove to the competition to become warriors of the tribe. The winner of the ritual fulfill the matriarchines a special wish. Driven by the endeavor to learn the truth about her mother and their origin, Aloy begins a year-long training under the leadership of Rost.

Horizon Zero Dawn - The Story So Far (What You Need to Know to Play Horizon Forbidden West)

The testing

Aloy’s perseverance pays off. Despite the lack of residue, she is fully risk and finally comes to the finish before all competitors. However, her victory at the testing device quickly in the background, as unknown enemies attack the venue. The mysterious fighters are equipped with mighty weapons of the old and to Aloys surprise partly also with a focus. Many participants of the testing come to life. When trying to help the other to escape Aloy is finally heavily wounded. Her drawing father rust also engages in the fight and finally sacrifices his life to save her.

Why have the attackers apart from them. Just because she looks like the picture of a mysterious woman? Source: PC Games Aloy finally awakens inside the Holy Mountain of Nora, which turns out to be a ruin of the old ones. Here she examines the focus of one of the enemy fighters. Aloy learns that the group were very targeted behind her. All other Nora were only collateral damage. The focus also shows her the picture of another woman who knows her damn and has a genetic agreement of 99.47 percent. Aloy raises the question of whether it is her mother.

Shortly thereafter, however, Erzmatriarchin Tersa tries to explain the origin of Aloy. Accordingly, she was not born by a woman, instead the mountain was her mother – the mountain, which is worshiped by the Nora as a goddess. Tersa leads Aloy into the so-called large chamber in the middle of which a metallic door marks access to a furnishings of the old ones. Lying in front of this door, Aloy had been found as a newborn of the matriarchines. Tersa therefore believes that Aloy was a gift of the easter mother to save the trunk, while others are more likely to look as a curse that will bring mischief over the trunk. When Aloy approaches the door, a scan device begins to determine your identity. The image of the mysterious woman again becomes visible. However, access is denied due to corrupt files. In search of these corruption somehow eliminate and finally to experience the secrets of their origin, Aloy finally breaks up to leave the area of ​​their tribe and looking for answers in the wide world.

on Olins track

However, since the Nora warrior does not know where to start, you will only remain as a guide only the mysterious attackers during testing. She knows that the dealer Olin, which she met in the run-up to the testing, had a focus and so that her picture has transferred to the enemy fighters. To follow olins lane, Aloy’s journey leads you to Meridian, the capital of the tribe of Carja, which are developed much more modern compared to the Stone Age Nora. The dealer himself is no longer in the city. However, Aloy gets the opportunity to browse its apartment. Here she learns that Olin was forced to cooperate with the attackers by kidnapping women and child.

Aloy follows the clues from Olins apartment to an excavation facility, where she finds a group of mysterious attackers and also Olin themselves. As she approaches the camp, she destroys panic reactions of her opponents than these find that their focuse no longer work. At the same time, an unknown voice reveals itself about the focus of Aloy, which she reveals that he temporarily shut down the focuse of the attackers to support them. Aloy uses the chance to eliminate your opponent and free Olin. From him she learns that the attackers are a cult of the shadow Carja named Eclipse. These would worship the metal devil called Hades. This has also given the order to kill Aloy during the testing. He also remembers that he had already seen the image of the mysterious woman who saw aloy similarly in the ruins called “Creator End”.

From Matthias Dammes
11.02.2022 at 12:00

Horizon Forbidden West: New Feature promises fast races

In a new video Sony and Guerrilla Games present the exciting challenges that expect you off the main history of Horizon Forbidden West. In addition to well-known tasks, this time it will be possible to participate in machine races.

Saddle on! The race starts!

In Horizon Forbidden West you can conclude some secondary tasks as in its predecessor if you need a break from the story. In a short gameplay trailer, Developer Guerrilla Games introduces the various challenges.

One of them is apparently for machine races. These are reminiscent of the horse races from Red Dead Redemption 2. Unfortunately they are shown only in some short scenes, but after all, they look like a lot of fun. Because in the forbidden West apparently everything is allowed and So you can see in the video how counterparties with spear and bow brutally stopped . It can only be a winning.

In its predecessor Horizon Zero Dawn there were already machine-mounted, but no races in which they participate. So it’s a class supplement to the rest of the activities in Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West | Tribes of the Forbidden West

There is much to do

The world of Horizon Forbidden West falls significantly larger than those of Horizon Zero Dawn and accordingly you can expect even more secondary tasks. In addition to the already mentioned machine races, arena battles are added. There you have to put people as well as machines. That could be pretty cool, as the developer team has screwed around at the combat system and this now versatile and complex fails .

But there are also old challenges back like the hunting tests , in which your machines must defeat in a certain time and in a certain way. Also The mountains of special machine parts will prove useful again. For this you usually have to locate and bombard the weaknesses of enemy machines.

Horizon Forbidden West appears on 18 February 2022 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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