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Caribus, D.P. Building a worldview of Kim Bo -tong writer

Kim Bo -tong will participate in the meta bus blockchain platform built by Caribus (CEO Yoon Jung -hyun).

Kim Bo -tong is the original author of ‘D.P.’, which was aired on Netflix in 2021, and also participated in the production of works. Kim, who presented various webtoons and essay works, shows many fans not only in Korea but also abroad by presenting artworks and solid stories that fit his work.

Caribus Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Carry Soft Co., Ltd. and Mentysco Co., Ltd., is preparing for a life -oriented game -type meta bus ‘Carry Park’ and a real -time turn -based PRG ‘Super Cola’. In the third quarter of 2022, before the game, the company plans to issue a PFP (Profile for Picture) NFT first. The PFP is the main character of the alien ‘Super Cola’ hidden in the appearance of the puppy doll. The core of this project is ‘companion’ and ‘communication’ with the user, and will be linked with ‘Carrie Park’ and ‘Super Cola’ to be released in the future.

PFP, Carry Park and Super Cola share a worldview. Kim Bo -tong will participate in the construction of this worldview and producing episodes, and the image made by the artist’s drawing will also be produced.

Caribus, meanwhile, received 3.1 billion investments from Central Investment Partners and CJ & Investment Partners in April. Starting with the partnership with Kim Bo -tong, we will accelerate the construction of a solid platform through a partnership with various characters and companies.

Image quality AMD FSR 2.0 is actually equal to NVIDIA DLSS 2.3

The official release of the AMD Fidelityfx Super Resolution 2.0 image was held, the algorithm for which does not require special tensor nuclei for itself, and therefore allows you to work on a much wider spectrum of devices than NVIDIA DLSS. Colleagues from TechPowerup did not miss the opportunity and compared the FSR 2.0 work with DLSS 2.3 using the example of Deathloop, the only game with supporting both technologies at the moment. It is also the first project with FSR 2.0 at all.

Impressive! AMD FSR 2.0 vs Nvidia DLSS, Deathloop Image Quality and Benchmarks

You can find a full comparison of technology work below, and we note that the final personnel look actually identical. Colleagues from Techpowerup are of a similar opinion.

The increase in performance from the use of APSCILERS was also approximately the same, but it must be borne in mind that testing was carried out on NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080.

Ambassador edition for the agricultural

The all-round-happy package for the “Agricultural Simulator 19″ (“LS 19”) comes. Developer and manufacturer Giants announces the “Agricultural Simulator 19: Ambassador Edition”, it contains all extensions and DLCs. The Swiss company fully relies on the immersive feel and sells the re -publication in a box. The “Agricultural Simulator 19: Ambassador Edition” will be available in Germany in Germany for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in sales of Astragon Entertainment.

LS 19: Ambassador brings all extensions

In addition to the main game, the “Ambassador Edition” offers the agricultural FNS two extensions and six DLCs, including the “Platinum” Add-on and the “Alpine Agriculture” Add-on, which an Alpine map and a variety of vehicles and machines Add. Furthermore, in six DLCs Kverneland, Vicon, Bourgault and other leading agricultural brands came into play-everyone is now united in a box on two discs.

  • Agriculture simulator 19-main game
  • Agricultural simulator 19-Platinum add-on

* Agricultural simulator 19-Alpine agriculture add-on
* Agricultural simulator 19-Anderson Group Equipment Pack
* Agricultural simulator 19-Kverneland & Vicon Equipment Pack
* Agricultural simulator 19-Grimme Equipment Pack
* Agricultural simulator 19-John Deere Cotton DLC
* Agricultural simulator 19-Bourgault DLC
* Agricultural simulator 19-Rottne Pack

LS 19: Ambassador ideal for beginners

Regardless of whether it is a preference for relaxing sandbox experiences solo or cooperative in agriculture, animal husbandry or forestry: The “Agricultural Simulator 19: Ambassador Edition” acts as a perfect starting point for the popular series of simulation. “With the new edition of the game, which now appears in-house, we offer a fantastic price-performance ratio,” commented Boris Stefan, Head of Publishing at Giants Software. It is clear what else should he say. But is right, the man, because even the slim premium edition currently costs 16.95 euros.

The “Ambassador Edition” contains three maps with European and American game environments for the development and expansion of an agricultural company. More than 475 authentically digitized machines from Case IH, Claas, Deutz-Fahr, Fendt, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Valtra and other well-known manufacturers are available to start agricultural activities. In addition, an almost endless number of user -generated content extends the agricultural experience with thousands of tested mods. For more information, see the official Farming Simulator website and on the Astragon homepage.

Epic Gamings and PlayStation collaborate to minimize the latency of battling video clip games

PS5 documents the best latency in KOF XV and also as Wccftech has shared, this comparison produced a wonderful debate in a reviewer, receiving the intervention of a participant of the Impressive Gamings staff, Simone Di Gravio, who comforted those present describing that are presently servicing the trouble : “We know this latency issue and also we are currently collaborating with Sony to aid impacted designers.”

There are numerous greats dealing with games utilized by Unreal Engine , consisting of wonderful titles such as Guilty Gear Stive or The King of Fighters XV: an engine that has actually provided such a good outcome to SNK that they are already using it for a brand-new ready a new video game. The most requiring PlayStation gamers do not appear completely satisfied with latency of Sony consoles.

Best Epic Games Launcher Optimisation * FPS BOOST + REDUCE INPUT DELAY *
A TS | Sabin Tweet, known in the Fightings area as Arturo or Nycfurby, aimed out that Xbox games had less latency than in PlayStation , in reaction to a relative shared by Kahikusu about the input lag videotaped in The King of Fighters XV in the different Sony as well as Microsoft consoles, where oddly, PS5 was even worse also for the different PS4 versions.

“It is extraordinary to see the interest of the battling neighborhood and also the initiatives dedicated to analyzing the technological nuances of the various titles,” stated Di Gravio, “Make sure we will do whatever feasible to help That your dear video games beam on all platforms “. If you wish to know even more regarding the most recent installment of the representative SNK struggle video game, she bears in mind that in 3Dgos you have our evaluation of The King of Fighters XV offered.

Royal console: 5,000 US

This message is not for normal earners! You can currently buy a gold -plated Nintendo Wii Plus game via the auction platform Goldin. We’ll tell you what this valuable piece of jewelry is all about and why the Queen of England is involved in this auction.

is that the most expensive Wii in the world?


Do you have $ 5,000? For this proud price, a gilded Nintendo Wii can be obtained from the online auction house Goldin . In addition to the console, the package includes a controller and a game: Big Family Games.

However, the video game is hardly worth anything. Current price at Rebuy: just under 10 euros. It is much more interesting, on the other hand, for whom the valuable console and the game was originally determined. Namely for none low than queen Elizabeth II.

No joke! Publisher THQ had the console refined with 24-carat gold as part of a promo campaign in order to give it to the queen of England. For security reasons, the Güldene Wii never got into the Buckingham Palace.

In the meantime, THQ no longer exists in its original line -up and The console was sold by one collector to the next. Now the noble piece of technology is looking for a new (wealthy) home again.

The golden Wii is a bargain

If you have a serious interest in the console, you can do it up to the 22. May 2022 . There are currently 21 bidders and the console is at a value of $ 5,000. However, this number should increase again shortly before the end.

If you generally do not know what to do with your money: Goldin can be found on Goldin. How about the first Spider-Man comic from 1962 for crisp $ 320,000 ?

Or are you more of the Batman fan? On the platform you can secure the first comic for one million US dollars . That is almost free!

Streamer macht 12 Assassins-Creed

The Youtuber and Streamer Hayete Bahadori ended all 12 main parts of the Assassins Creed series without even collecting a single hit. We’ll tell you the iron rules that the streamer kept in his runs.

This player writes gaming story

“The Assassins Creed games are far too easy!”-You will probably hear such statements more often if you are interested in the successful series of Ubisoft. Nevertheless, very few gamers would probably trust a so-called no-hit run in the games, to get a complete passage without damage.

The YouTuber and streamer Hayete Bahadori can only smile tired. In countless hours he managed to play through all 12 main parts of Assassin’s Creed without a single enemy goal. ** Starting with the original from 2007 to the latest offshoot Assassin’s Creed Valhalla from 2020.

The RUN has taken place under these conditions

But that’s not all: the ambitious player has imposed a few tough rules even.

  1. He must not receive any damage. Otherwise, Bahadori restarts the entire game.
  2. All levels must be completed 100 percent (affects the parts from Brotherhood to Syndicate).
  3. The highest level of difficulty is always selected. If there is a selection.
  4. No glitches or other technical tricks may be used.

ASSASSIN'S CREED - WW2 Paris Gameplay (Climbing Eiffel Tower) 4K 60FPS

At the first point there are a few exceptions. In the row, it can happen that the character automatically suffers damage. For example during a sequence. These areas are ignored for the run.

Reading tip

Ubisoft develops three big games – but a new Assassin’s Creed does not come first

Gregor Elsholz

Incidentally, if, by the way, an idea of this crazy mammoth task wants to make you, Bahadori has uploaded all the runs on his YouTube channel. Full length of course.

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Undead Labs: We form a dream

As discovered by “Globegamer” first, a LinkedIn entry by Undead Labs has brought some interesting new details to light.


The team is looking for new talents in Orlando and other studios, while you are building a “Dream team”.

In the tag it says: “Undead Orlando is in full swing!
Ideally, this position is for someone who wants to work here in Orlando, but we also have studios in Champaign, IL and Seattle, Wa.
We build a Dream team and make some really groundbreaking work with animation.
Become part of the XGS family and our incredible team and help us to set new standards for quality and innovation in Unreal 5! ”

To work on MMO with NFT, Richard Garriot founded Demeta Studio

The legendary Richard Garriot, along with a longtime partner Todd Porter, founded a new studio called Demeta – the Dehorizon unit.

The latter specializes in the metavselnaya and sheltered by the industry veterans from Riot, Dungeons & Dragons and Blizzard, as well as web3 experts, the Internet on the blockchain. So Garriot, settled in Austin, Texas, is already working on MMO with P2E and NFT, which are attached to the lands purchased for cryptocurrency.

Ultima Father Richard Garriot showed the concepts of the new Mmorpg in isometry and with NFT


The initiative of the multifacetedly talented master, which gave the world a series of Ultima, has already been supported by leading companies in this industry. At the same time, tokens in a multi -user game with maximum freedom in terms of mastering your own location scrap will be optional.

Grandsa, strengthening communication with a demonstration content The Sound of Star

Enpixel (co -representative Bae Bong -gun, Jung Hyun -ho) announced on the 4th that it will showcase the new content ‘Stars’ in the multi -platform MMORPG ‘Grandaga’, which is being developed and serviced by the company.

‘Stars’ is part of a communication policy to introduce the contents under development as a pilot form to reflect the opinions of users and increase the completeness.

Using Light and Sound to Communicate

Enpixel said that the first content is that it will introduce five dungeons, including treasure hunt that can be obtained in large quantities, and actively collect users’ opinions. In addition, the Guardian System can recruit the popular Non-Player Character (NPC) ‘Eve’ to the team, and four popular characters in the game, including ‘Luin’, ‘Kaito’ and Ceriad, Maid and Deacon themes. The costume ‘noble mission’ will be introduced until the 19th.

In addition, in May of the family month, it will offer up to 90 free summons of artifacts through attendance and events, and various events such as the Mimic Gold Support Event, which can earn a total of 5 million gold, will be held.

On the other hand, Enpixel recently released a major update plan for users in ‘Grandaga’ and focused on communication bulletin boards for one month in April, and aims to communicate and share the users in Korea and Japan. The company plans to expand the service area.

Halo Infinite doesnt work? Information about the downtime Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite will receive a large update with the release of the second season: “Lonely Wolves.” With any large launch, some downtime should be expected.

The developer 343 Industries said that Halo Infinite will be delivered disconnected for planned maintenance from 13:00 to 14:00 in the Eastern European time on May 3, 2022 . This maintenance will affect the multi-user online game and many other functions associated with the shooter. When the maintenance is completed, Halo Infinite Season 2 will become available to players.

Fortunately, the downtime is not egregious, and players will be able to enter the game relatively quickly. Many working from 9 to 5 are waiting for the new seasonal subscription Halo Infinite when they return home. For everyone else, a long lunch break may be needed in order to pass the time until the servers are connected to the network again.

Why Aiming SUCKS in Halo Infinite Part 1: Aim assist | Why Aiming Feels DIFFERENT in Infinite.

Season 2 must bring two new cards and many new cosmetics as a seasonal subscription. To give players enough time to complete it and, probably, for other reasons, season 2: Lone wolves will last unprecedented six months.

To learn more about Halo, read the information about the events of the last week Halo Infinite Fracture: Tenrai Event described in games for professionals.

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