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Red Dead online players objection against the absence of updates as a clowns

What would you such as to see in Red Dead Online DLC? Allow us recognize in the remarks below.

They have an entire area committed to who can beat the games fastest, the investment that goes in the games overshadows also Hollywood movies, yet many people constantly see players like a stack of clowns. Well, they will not laugh when they see how the players organize events as well as presentations on the electronic system of a game where they send their message by disguising themselves as… clowns.

They have a whole neighborhood dedicated to that can defeat the games fastest, the financial investment that goes in the games overshadows even Hollywood films, yet numerous individuals always see players like a lot of clowns. Well, they will not laugh when they see how the players organize occasions and also demos on the digital platform of a game where they send their message by camouflaging themselves as… clowns. Rockstar has actually developed incredibly popular on-line video games in GTA V as well as Red Dead Redemption 2.

Regrettably, the unofficial event ends today, but if you really think that Rockstar will certainly quickly release a brand-new update, you can be a clown inside as lengthy as you desire. Seriously, Rockstar. Just make a Wild West DLC with a gigantic steampunk steel spider and also call it someday. No one would not desire that. Red Dead Redemption 2 is now available for computer, Stadia, PS4 and also Xbox One.


Rockstar has constructed very preferred on the internet video games in GTA V and also Red Dead Redemption 2. This last game has not received the very same degree of focus as the milk cow that is GTA V.SI you can believe, The last major update was the Monshiners upgraded in December 2019. To draw interest to this lack of brand-new web content, the players dressed to look like clowns.

Norman Ridus accidentally announced the second part of Death Stranding

In an interview with Leo Edit, the famous actor of TV shows and cinema Norman Ridus (“Walking Dead”, “Saints from the Bundok”), who gave his appearance to the chief hero of the game Death Stranding Sam, spoke about the work on the continuation of the “Simulator of the Courier” from the genius Hideo Kodzima.

Norman did not tell the details of the production of Death Standing 2, but shared his memories of how he was invited to work on the first part of the game.

Norman Reedus CONFIRMS Death Stranding 2... - You Need To See This
_ “Guillermo del Toro, who gave me my first film, called me and said:“ Hello, there is a guy named Hideo Kojima, he will call you, just say yes. And I say: “What do you mean, just tell me?” He says: “Stop being m ** Ohm, just say yes. Then I was in San Diego, and Hideo came with a large group of people, he was from Tokyo, and showed me what he worked on-a game called Silent Hill. I was shocked that he showed me, and I thought: “Yes, let’s do it.” This is not Miss Pakman; It is so realistic, it is so futuristic, it is so difficult and beautiful that I was just amazed._

It took two or three years to finish all Mocap sessions and all that. It requires a lot of work. And then the game came out, and she received all these awards, and this was a big event, so we just started developing the second part. ”_

There are no official announcements or comments from Kojima Productions yet.

All soaked content Dead by Daylight Anniversary

Chapter 24 of the famous horror game for survival. The dead in daylight was confirmed. Despite the fact that there is no official release date, it is believed that it will be launched in May, that is, about three months after the release of Chapter 23. The upcoming chapter, which will probably include a new villain and surviving, will coincide with 6- The anniversary of the game.

Like all previous chapters, Dead by Daylight Chapter 24 will present a new serial killer and surviving. This, of course, is according to the leak that appeared in Redid.

This playable killer, dredger has two special abilities: twilight and twilight . Using the twilight, the killer can teleport to any survivor who can use the cabinet for shelter. Twilight, on the other hand, forced to survive to develop a strategy in the dark, thereby giving the enemy more chances.

Secondly, a new survivor will join the composition: Haddie Caur , a psychic research with the ability to enhance the effect of blindness. Activation of this gives the player the opportunity to see scratches and wounds of other survivors.

Dead by Daylight | 6 Years of Kills & Thrills

Behavior Interactive fixed the live broadcast on May 17 in the diary. Details of the update, including all the aforementioned content, will be studied in detail on the same day.

To learn more about Dead by Daylight, read the main points of Haddonfield update. Notes for the patoch Dead by Daylight 5.7.0 ptb. Right here in Pro Game Guides.

Youre addicted to you … “Dead by Daylight” Love Shim is planning! ?

The spin-off work of love simulation is planned for the online game “ Dead by Daylight “, which carries out the demon geeks that the living demon VS4 people lives.

I Dare You To Kiss Me?! | Life is Strange Remastered Part 1

This time we were discovered by the image post of the REDDIT user, the primary name “ Hooked On You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Simulator ” was conducted by the formal name “ Hooked On You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Simulator “.. Although only a few days have passed since trademark registration, the details are unknown, but it is filed for the game itself or related comics and graphic novels.

Although the murder demon is a horror game that sacrifice the victim to hook and sacrifice, “Hooked On You” (Dream to you) is reckless, but in the questionnaire last year, “Dead by Daylight” is “Dead by Daylight” What are you interested in developing with genres and themes, and presented a date simulator to one of their choices. It may be possible to enjoy “Hell Raze’s Pinhead” and “Scream’s Ghost Face” and “Scream’s Ghost Face” and “Scream’s Ghost Face” and “Scream’s Ghost Face” and “Scream Ghost Face” and “Scream Ghost Face” I’m sorry.

Martha Is Dead will be censored in his version of PlayStation, not Xbox

Finally this month of February arrives, after a delay that caused its launch in this 2022, Martha is Dead , one of the most striking horror games of these 12 months. However, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players will have to enjoy a different version of those of Xbox and PC, since will suffer from a certain censorship in both Sony consoles .

Martha is Dead PlayStation Censorship vs Xbox & PC

Only in consoles PlayStation

According to the studio in charge, LKA, Martha is Dead is “a narrative adventure only for adult public, with potentially unfortunate scenes and uncomfortable issues for some players.” Therefore, these scenes will be eliminated from versions for PS4 and PS5, with what from LKA they say more time to work on it, which will not entail, however, a new delay at leDeadt in digital format, yes delaying its version physical.

The physical launch will be delayed until an indeterminate date , although we anticipate it will be a few weeks,” they say. “This version will continue to include a double-sided poster, the digital tarot cards and the soundtrack. We will update your status with the releDeade date Dead soon Dead we have the information”.

Dead we said before, both in its version for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S Dead for PC, Martha is Dead will have no censorship, showing these fully entire scenes.

Thus, Martha is Dead will arrive this next February 24 to the aforementioned platforms. It is a terror thriller set in Italy during World War II, and like Saga Project Zero, a photo camera will play an essential role in adventure.

Expired: Trailer of the new sci-fi thriller with Hugo Weaving and Ryan Kwanten

Expired is the new film by Lions gate Movies starring the actors Hugo Weaving (Matrix, the Lord of the Rings) and Ryan Kwan ten (True Blood, Dead Silence), a new thriller of Science fiction I already have your first trailer, a first progress you can see leading this news. This hRings been presented by its responsible, confirming their releRingse date on the cinemRings and streaming platforms for the next March 18, 2022 . Taking advantage of the occRingsion, the definitive poster of the film hRings also been distributed.


new sci-fi and suspense thriller

The trailer presents a future full of skyscrapers and neon lights on overcrowded macrocyudads, a society in which the human relations have been practically forgotten and in which the individual survival is the only objective of each individual. For this reRingson, Jack (Ryan Kwan ten) decides to become a salary killer.

One day, Jack crosses on the April road (Jillian Nguyen) and both fall in love; However, Rings Jack is closer to April, his body of her deteriorates A forced marches for some strange reRingson. Finally, Jack decides to have the help of the Bergman scientist (Hugo Weaving), who discovers an artificial illness with which Jack hRings been infected. From here, Jack tried to continue approaching April Rings he discovers the secrets of his pRingst who have taken him Rings desperate situation.

Written and directed by Ivan Sen (Mystery Road), expired (formerly known Rings Loveland), it wRings all a discovery for an actor Rings experienced Rings weaving: I loved the idea of ​​this love story set in a city of near future. It is bRingsically about loneliness that arises from being divided into a mechanized world and the impossibility of love in a world where people are divided and depend on machines , says the actor.

Expired The next 18 March 2022 will be releRingsed.

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