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What time are the DCP of FIFA 23 marquee clashes activated? Release time explanation

The squad creation challenges (SBC) Matchup Marquee have long been a basic element of FIFA Ultimate Team mode, and that is not different in FIFA23 . In this guide, we will guide it through When marquee clashes are activated every week How long you will have to complete them and how to get your rewards, so you can continue to reinforce the team of players of your dreams.

When are the DCP of marquee clashes in FIFA 23?

FIFA 23 Marquee Matchups SBC launch schedules

Hourly zone | Launch schedules of FIFA 23 marquee matches 23
Pt | 10:00 am every Thursday
Connecticut | 11:00 Every Thursday
And | 13:00 Every Thursday
GMT | 18:00 Every Thursday
This | 19:00 Every Thursday

The SBC of Marquee Matchup are activated at the same time on Thursdays of each week in FIFA 23. This is also the same time that they were activated in all the previous FIFA, so for long-term fans of the series and its Ultimate Team mode, there is no surprise waiting for you.

Every week, at the time indicated above, four DCP of marquee confrontation will be launched. One of these will have low requirements, so you can use bronze and silver player cards. Another could be a bit more complicated and will only require silver players, while the last two will require complete gold players and will have higher chemistry and qualification requirements.

When do marquee matches expire?


You will have exactly one week to complete all the SBC of marquee clashes that are thrown every Thursday. When the new set is launched, they will replace the previous lot, so you will want to make sure you complete them every week.

How to get marquee match rewards

Completing each of the four SBC every week will give you a package as a reward, and then you will also get a group reward for completing the four SBC of Marquee Matchup for that week.

That means you have five packages available to complete the complete set. Once you have completed them, the packages you have won will be available for them to open them in the store tab.

That is all you need to know about launch schedules of FIFA 23 Marquee Matchups . If you are looking for more about the game, be sure to consult our guides on the cross game of FIFA 23, how the chemistry system works in FUT and when Ultimate Edition owners can get their 4600 FIFA Points.

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Fortnite: Cross the Behemoth Bridge on a vehicle location

In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, a number of new quests is available, and with one of the weekly challenges, players must cross the Behemoth Bridge in a vehicle. On the paper that sounds like a simple challenge, but the Behemoth Bridge is not a renamed POI on the map, so many players ask who bridge they should cross them exactly. Luckily, the bridge in question is in addition to two important places in a popular part of the map, and vehicles should be really easy to find in this z1. Here you will find the Behemoth Bridge in Fortnite.

Location of Fortnite Behemoth Bridge

Cross Behemoth Bridge in a Vehicle Location - Fortnite
Behemoth Bridge is located between The Fortress and Sleepy Sound in the northwestern part of the map. He crosses the river that flows into the north side of the lake next to Coney Crossroads, where the snow begins to melt. The exact location can be found in the map below.

To find a vehicle, you can drive there from any part of the Fortnite Card, but there are several places near the bridge where you can find a car or truck. In the small hut southeast of Shifty Shafts, several parked cars and trucks are waiting to be picked up, and from there you can simply follow the road to the west to reach the Behemoth Bridge. All you have to do is drive with any vehicle over the bridge to complete the quest.

When you complete this quest, you will receive a simple 23,000 XP for the Battle Pass of Chapter 3, Season 2, and you will receive a short call from Agent Jones with additional information about the ongoing war between The Seven and the IO. This week there are many other challenges to cope with, z. B. finding the missing slaughter bus plans. So find the next device uplink to get your next orders and continue the history of week 2.

Fourteen days is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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