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[Todays Steam] Total Warrior: Warhammer 3, Complex to the middle review bomb

‘Total Warrior: Warhammer 3’, which raised the top of the world’s sales volume from just before the release, and the “Total Warrior: Warhammer 3”, which has increased its first place, proved its first place. Here, the steam was 16,754 in the ranking of the simultaneous connection. However, on the 18th, the steam user evaluation is 6,267 reviews, “composite (58% positive). The magazine route, which is evaluated by Steam’s ‘Hundred Game’, is ‘It is usually positive’ and is classified as a problem where somewhere in complex is a problem. If you think that the methacrytic specialist rating is 88 points for 42 reviews, the gap is large.

Total War Warhammer 3 Review

There is a ‘review bomb’ of Chinese gamers that have complained on the local dictionary personal broadcast on the local dictionary. Ahead of the new launch of the new work, the game was invited to the popularity of the public personalized broadcasters, and there are many cases of live broadcasting to introduce the game at the promotional level. In China, live broadcasts through the Television TV, which was a problem in advance through broadcasting more than a conventional case, with a part of the game that is not aware of the game.

In fact, the Total Warrior: Warhammer 3 User Reviews have no opinions that the game is fun, but marketing is not a problem, “said Gamer who explains the relevant situation to respond to it. In addition, we have a lot of positive evaluations in our reviews in foreign languages. Here is the previous 72% of the reviews written on the 11th of the previous 11 days. It accounts for a large proportion.

In addition, the Eldon Ring, which is ahead of the release, is still a popular multi-Lite 2: Stay Human held 2 and third, and the King of Fighters 15, which was released on the 17th, ranked 7th. The roast arc (Bang Quisher Starter pack) in steam has kept the 5th place, and the cyber punk 2077, which has increased the momentum with a 50% discount on the same time as 1.5 patches, and the top punk has been maintained.

In the top simultaneous access to the steam, Rost Arc kept the first place to 109,8827, and the Total War: Warhammer 3 was 7th, and the Wahmmer’s master dual. Daing Light 2: Stay Human and Vampire Survivor, who came to the topic, and the Survivor was 14th and 20th.

980,000 Breakthrough, Rost Arc Steam Simultaneous Connections 1st place

Rost Arc, which has entered the global formal service on the 11th (local standard), has achieved the first place in the steam of the steam.

Some you win, and some you lose. IF transformer break-down. Philips B4X23A restoration pt 2 #PCBWay#

Based on the 12th, Rost Arc Steam’s top concurrent users are 984,111. Following the formal service Founders Pack, 530,000 in a pre-access target for purchasing buyers, and the rising airflow with the accessible formal service.

In addition, Lost Arc heard the game Top 5, which recorded the highest concurrent users in steam. The first place is the player in the player’s unusual battle ground, which recorded 3.3 million, and the second from the second to the 4th place, the counters strike: Global offense (1.3 million), Dota 2 (1.29 million), Cyber ​​Punk 2077 (105 million).

The roast arc is serviced in a partial paid method, and the user has a larger view of the MMORPG characteristics and the user remains larger. Especially, the fourth largest cyber punk 2077 is not greater than the gap, and it is not possible to exclude the possibility of crossing this soon.

In addition, Rost Arc North American Publisher Amazon, another MMORPG, New World, fell on the roast arc, down to the ranking of the top to the top of the world.

It is the first time since the battleground released in 2017 is the focus of this eye in the domestic game at Steam. Rost Arc has also revealed the two in the steam-specific testing phase, and the Founders pack sold ahead of the formal service, exceeded 1.5 million sales volumes based on the last 10 days. Based on the preview of the existing preview, the following records of gamers are focused on the next record of Rost Arc, which achieved remarkable performance from immediately after formal services.

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